Saturday, December 5, 2015

Review: Etude House Play 101 Pencil No.6 & 48


Talking about eye makeup, the two compulsory in my opinion are eyeliner to define eye shape and highlighter to make it looks bigger and brighter. Since I don't put too much makeup on daily basis (and special occasion, tbh), I was thinking of buying the essentials to make a great eye makeup. That's why, I decided to buy Etude House Play 101 Pencil No. 6 and 48. 

A bit flashback, Pony's makeup tutorial using Play 101 Pencil got a lot of my attention. It's amazing and awesome how all-in-one-pencil products can create the whole makeup and the result on Pony really captivated me. Watched Pony's videos over and over again, then I chose Play 101 Pencil in number 6 as highlighter and 48 as eyeliner.

Let me say I'm quite late of buying this products that was launched past few months. But who cares? I'm impressed with these two colors on my eyes. Why? So, here the review!


It comes with a box! Surely worth every penny (yeah, for a pencil you need to pay for about IDR 75,000 - 90,000 online). You can tell what color of the pencil by just seeing the box color. The pencil itself is covered with ashy black color with certain color based on number at the end.

Yo don't need to sharpen it with sharpener as it's retractable and you can twist it to make it comes out and in. To make precious eye line, you don't need to feel worry of blunt edge. Just pull out the end of pencil and you'll find sharpener to make the pencil a lot pointier so you can create sleek cat eyes. Super like it for the packaging dan design!


Play 101 Pencil number 6 is shimmering champagne, while number 48 is shimmering dark brown. The texture of both is creamy and powdery in between, but no. 48 has a lil bit creamy texture.


1. I use No.6 as highlighter on my inner corner of eyes. The shimmering effect really reflect the light and make my eyes brighter and bigger. It can be used too to highlight the certain areas on your face like C area, nose bridge, and a space between your brows. But for me, the texture is not that creamy so it's pretty hard to blend the formula if you use it as face highlighter. However, if you go for it, just do what Pony did on her video. Apply the pencil on your finger, then pat it on the the desired areas.

2. I'm in love with No.48! The texture is creamy and so much easy to be applied. It glides on my eyes pretty smooth so I can create perfect cat eyes even though the blunt edge of pencil. It gives a feeling of glamour since it has shimmering effect. Banjjak banjjak, everyone! The result on eyes is so natural like you almost don't wear any eyeliner yet it really define eye shape prettily.

Swatches Etude House Play 101 Pencil no. 6 and 48

3. Staying power: AWESOME! Rub it with regular soap, fail. Rub it with makeup remover, you need to do it with a bit strength. Rub it with oil cleansing or me with olive oil, yeah it gradually dissolves. No need to worry it will turn you out a raccoon since it's waterproof and smudge-proof for a long long time.

4. For contact lenses wearer, please be aware of using the pencil on your waterline. I did once and unfortunately, my eyes became teary. I don't know why. Maybe because it didn't adhere well or the shimmering pearl hurt or made my eyes dirty.

These two colors is more than enough to create pretty Korean-like eye makeup for daily basis and special occasion. Have you already had Play 101 Pencil? Which number do you have?


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