Saturday, August 29, 2015



It's been a while from my latest post. I have a ton of products to be reviewed and lot of stories to be shared but it's hard to connect the internet at home (sometimes) and, you know, being lazy in writing since you are working a whole day in front of monitor writing a large number of articles is kinda another problem. Well, well, well, there always be an excuse.

I'm thinking of buying new gadget to support my job as writer so I can write anything anytime anywhere without bringing laptop all the way. iPad? Yes! Hopefully can get it very soon aameen.

Oh, FYI, my pinky laptop is broken so I can't blog since all photos I took can't be accessed. So sad! And I'm just too lazy to take photos again.

If I have spare time, I promise myself to write due-to-review (and take many good photos!).

Okay, time to sleep. See you next time!


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