Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Beauty and Hijab Blogger (?)


Girls love to be pretty and makeup is one of the most favorite way to make them instantly gorgeous. Including me, I find that makeup is giving pleasant sensation when I put it on. When it comes to makeup, cosmetics, and beauty stuff, as a blogger who wants to increase visitor rate, reviewing them becomes another way to catch that pleasure feeling.

Really. I want to be beauty blogger who can review all beauty products I've purchased and playing around with colorful makeup like the others do. It seems to be fun of making different kinds of makeup style when I quietly spied on certain beauty group at Facebook. How fascinating... *sigh*

But as a muslim woman who has already known about the knowledge of being true muslimah, I should avoid applying too much makeup. It somehow turns out to be sin if we know the knowledge but still do it for self sake. Moreover, since Islam wonderfully protects women, showing pretty face on social medias and internet wouldn't be the right thing to do. I'm still learning to avoid that kind of published selfie on socmed.

If there are so many prohibitions explained above, how in the world can we be a beauty blogger???

I believe, along with Allah has demanded towards us as muslim women, He wants to protects us because we are the dunya's jewelry and I must obey the rule. Remember this, Allah gives His blessing to people who look for akhirah. Thus, I can still be beauty blogger by just reviewing beauty products that I purchase with my own money. No need selfie or showing off makeup on face yet still beautiful inside and outside.

Regarding hijab blogger, I don't know since it's kind of crucial these days. In my perspective, hijab refers to hijaber which means muslim woman who still concerns to fashion. Do you know hijab fashion? Sometimes they present hijab in a way of not covering chest and back as well as wearing pants in daily basis.

Okay, let's not look fashion in human and dunya's perspective, rather in Allah's perspective. I think I can be a hijab blogger of presenting modest and syar'i hijab to the world through this so little corner on my blog. I can contribute in spreading the spirit of hijab syar'i, giving them motivation and inspiration to wear taqwa clothes.

I found some beautiful Instagrammers who really captivate my heart to take on syar'i dress and khimar. It's good and fascinating seeing them sharing about Islam. Really inspiring...


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