Sunday, September 28, 2014

Purpink Flowers!


Khimar and dress by House of Nabilia
Shoes by Wondershoe

Place: Nanny's Pavilion Terrace - Central Park

I love flowers! When I'm around flowers, my mood and feeling is boosted, I'm happy. They're simply pretty. I'm even dreaming to have wedding party themed fairytale where flowers are packed in the whole part of building.

Give me a bouquet of flower, please..?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Where's Your Manner?

Source: Google


I've been following some fashion bloggers' social media account. Few days ago, I commented on a fashion blogger's instagram whose vintage signature style. She's beautiful and I liked her style. But now, I think I don't like her anymore. Why?

I just commented about her melancholy eyes without meant to scold or say negative tone. But she replied apparently in negative way. She questioned me back whether having such eyes looked pathetic or not. The tone she wrote was irritating and without second thought I unfollowed her on instagram and twitter.

Before getting her foul reply, I was tracing her instagram. I looked that she diligently responded many negative look alike comments with sarcasm words. She even scolded them back. Moreover, she complained about instagram comment on twitter. What I thought is, ah this person is not getting ready for her fame.

Being public figure means you have to be ready and aware for being loved and hated. Anything you do, good or bad, there always be people who like and dislike. And if you respond bad comments with the same way they said to you, what make you're different to them?

The best reply for fool comments is silence. I think she doesn't deserve to be called an inspiring fashion blogger.

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