Monday, March 3, 2014

Islam and Hijabis


Indonesia is occupied predominantly by Muslim society. While in some countries where muslim is minority, it is a little bit hard to feel free worshiping and wearing hijab without skepticism. Sometimes a muslim has to let his family go because they can't accept him professing Islam which is generally stereotyped as terrorism. It happens because they haven't known the real Islam yet. May Allah bless them with lot of hidayah...

I found interesting articles about muslim women in America and how UCLA students define Islam. It's amazing knowing that minority muslim and muslim women ultimately speak and show their stance in Islam. Subhanallah...

First is Marwa Atik, a fashion-conscious muslim woman who established her scarves as one of fashion statement for hijabis, who was interviewed by Marie Claire magazine.You can read the article here.

Do you want to know my respond toward Marwa Atik's interview? :)

First off, I really appreciate the work of Marwa Atik who brings up hijab into something that can be summed up into two words: modesty and stylish. We all as muslim women should support our sisters out there to present that hijab is not restricted and it's so comfortable to don. Even though in the process, there are some misunderstanding of how we dress properly based on Quran and Sunnah.

I can see the environment there in America and it's genuine why Marwa Atik is a bit influenced by the culture. Fashion is staple for western women, including here in Indonesia for some. They like to keep updated with the latest fashion trend, mix and match many patterns, materials, and colors. Fashion is something that makes them look stunning and self-identified. Their quote might be: THE MORE THE MERRIER. The more they wear pieces from head to toe into their outfits, it's called stylish and fashionable even though they have to reveal little or much skin.

I remember what Ustadz Felix Siauw said that muslim can be sidetracked by 3F: Food, Fashion, and Fun. I understand how fashion modifies the proper hijab that is required to be not only modesty, but also wide and large so it's not worn tightly. The quote must be changed to: LESS IS MORE. Why we have to dress up too much while Allah 'Azza wa Jalla loves the simplicity? Do we dress up to catch people's attention or Allah Ta'ala?

Islam is a religion that brings lot of peace and wisdom. Everything has been regulated and, as muslim, we must obey Allah's rules. By obeying Him, insha Allah it gets us closer to Jannah... Aamiin allahuma aamiin... To read UCLA students' view of Islam, you can click here.

Subhanallah... I feel proud to be muslim woman... Do you so? :)


  1. Aamiin.. aku doain ya dear semoga kamu bisa segera berhijab.. :)
    I'll be following you yah...



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