Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hijab and Makeup


I loved putting makeup and playing around with eyeshadow colors on my eyes. Some photos were posted in around 2011. When I started wearing hijab, I decided to sell my Coastal Scent eyeshadow and blush palette and brush set. At that moment I thought I wouldn't put any heavy bold makeup on anymore since it leads to tabarruj, although I put on makeup for having fun and to not go out, hang out, or for daily campus basis. My plan was buying the new cosmetics that are appropriate for natural makeup such as highlighter or contour to make a dimension to face. But I ended up buying the more important stuffs.

Surely, makeup is still essential, moreover when I graduated. Eyeshadow and brushes were needed to create my desired look because the traditional Javanese wedding makeup artist was suck. Just a lesson to not have makeup do to traditional wedding salon. I thought I ought to buy my makeup kit from zero, started from eyeshadow palette (no more CS due to the smell), brush set, and blusher too. But?

I don't know, I think I don't really need it. What I need is buying veil, maxi skirt, and abaya. And still, it stumps me. I am just stingy to spend my money to both makeup and hijab attire. Ohya, almost forget, I should splurge more on good foundation or BB cream because good base makeup for flawless canvas is staple for my blemished skin. Can you guess next? Yes! Again, still stingy to spend my money on as I don't need it at the moment.

Saving money is more important. And sparing a little (or much?) amount of penny to people who have low income is tactful decision. If someday I need makeup for special occasion, I have my savings and I will immediately buy those stuffs.


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