Saturday, March 1, 2014

Girls' Generation MV: Mr. Mr.


Have you watch the newest MV of Girls' Generation, Mr.Mr.? What do you think?

Yoona is my bias and my opinion of her look in their new MV is... IMHO, Yoona is not suitable for fierce mature look. Makeup for Mr.Mr. image is mature, fierce, and bold with dominant bold eye makeup, strong cat eyes, and pink-red lip color. For me, Yoona is not belong to that look, it always fails. Remember I Got A Boy promotional photos? Yoona had ombre hair, blue contact lens, and fierce look. I think it didn't put her best face forward.

In my thought, Yoona is an portrait of innocent college girl. Idk, maybe because of her role in dramas. However, her face is always innocent and baby-like. That's why she becomes CF of natural cosmetic brand Innisfree. Regardless, Yoona is pretty as always ♥

About the concept of Mr.Mr. MV, the nine goddesses play as nurses wearing pink outfits. Look at the properties, diamond and full of bling. Even the heart displayed on glass box is made by crystal glass. It represents SNSD's glamorous and elegant image. I love pink and Girls' Generation. Now I know why I am into them, full of pink, girly thing, and lot of cheers.


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