Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Sliced Cake Puffs


What's your favorite tool to apply base makeup? There are some ways to apply foundation, tinted moisturizer, BB cream, or CC cream and the easiest way is using fingertips. However, using fingers for foundation application is somehow tight, uneven, and exaggerates the pores so it ends up too much product on and feeling cakey whereas flaking off. Another choice is using foundation brush or stippling brush for more even application but sometimes it gives visible streaks. Even though most preferred application tool for base makeup is foundation brush, there are still some people, including me, who get a better job working with makeup sponges.

Makeup sponge works as oiliness control in makeup because it absorbs makeup, thus it is suitable for those who have oily skin. Moreover, it can be used both dry  for more covering finish and wet providing more gentle and natural makeup. Although disposable, we can cleanse the sponge with neutral soap or brush cleanser to cut off our budget in buying new sponges. Different shapes of makeup sponge are also available like round, rectangular, egg-shaped and wedge-shaped sponges which define what coverage we are looking for. The thing that is less noticed is the material which is differentiated into latex and latex-free. The material of makeup sponges might be a big concern for people who have allergy to latex.

Talking about makeup sponges, today's review is Etude House Sweet Recipe Sliced Cake Puffs. Even though the name is puff, it actually is sliced-cake-shaped sponges which are designed to apply liquid makeup like foundation or concealer. On the other hand, puff is supposed to be used as powder products application. Nonetheless, these Etude House sponges called puffs are suitable for both liquid and powder makeup products. We are smart girls must not be confined by the name and function of certain product, as long as it can be a double function, go for it.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Sliced Cake Puffs
First, let's talk about the packaging. Etude House is always princess-y in heart and their products are apparently designed to sweet pinky girls. Who don't like the cute packaging of Etude House always offers? I think they are genius in mesmerizing the girls. Lacey and creamy drawing with pink plastic seal is all what you would call cute. Etude House Sweet Recipe Sliced Cake Puffs, which was launched in Sweet Recipe line, comes in a round sponge that is sliced to eight pieces packed in clear plastic glass container. My consideration before buying this was the container as I need sponges with its place to keep them hygienic. It would be scary how our precious skin deals with bacteria of used-sponges which is kept in somewhere that might be unhygienic since our stash is filled with many makeup products.

Made from high quality SBR latex, these makeup sponges is entrusted to help base makeup glides smoothly to express moist and soft skin. SBR stands for styrene-butadiene rubber, a kind of synthetic rubbers which have good abrasion resistance and good aging stability when protected by additives. In sum, this Sliced Cake Puffs is kind of makeup sponges that have long durability. Less deterioration and last-longer. Since the material is SBR latex, this sponge is not for latex allergy.

The slices are intertwined to each other so we don't need to feel worry of scattering when it falls off. Each slice has triangle shape. The pointy tip can reach around nose, mouth, and eyes while wide base is used on forehead, cheeks, and chin. These eight slices can be differentiated to makeup usages for more clean application. For example, a slice is for makeup base, another is for foundation and concealer, take another one for powder, and give a chance for a slice to apply cream blusher. Efficient, right? Eight slices are more than enough because we can cleanse them with brush and sponge cleanser.

Generally, makeup sponges absorb more product than when use fingertips or brush, therefore it provides light natural application. Sliced Cake Puffs work like usual makeup sponges, I couldn't find the difference of using this. What I like is base makeup application becomes more even and smoother compared by using fingertips. I used to use fingertips to apply BB cream and sometimes it ended up uneven on which whiter patch than other was found. I personally like using makeup sponge better than brush and fingertips.

  1. Eight slices are more than enough to apply different kinds of liquid and cream makeup products.
  2. Made from SBR latex which is more durable.
  3. Comes with container to keep the sponges hygienic.
  4. Cute packaging.
  5. Pointy tips of triangle shape reach detail areas like around nose, mouth, and eyes.
  6. Can be used both dry and wet.
  7. Give moist and smooth application.
  8. Inexpensive price IDR 37000 at Korean Cosmetic N Skincare for branded eight pieces of sponge.

For girls who have oily type of skin yet need moisturized with even and smooth base application plus affordable price, Etude House Sweet Recipe Sliced Cake Puffs is the ultimate choice of makeup sponge for you! Have a nice day...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hijab and Makeup


I loved putting makeup and playing around with eyeshadow colors on my eyes. Some photos were posted in around 2011. When I started wearing hijab, I decided to sell my Coastal Scent eyeshadow and blush palette and brush set. At that moment I thought I wouldn't put any heavy bold makeup on anymore since it leads to tabarruj, although I put on makeup for having fun and to not go out, hang out, or for daily campus basis. My plan was buying the new cosmetics that are appropriate for natural makeup such as highlighter or contour to make a dimension to face. But I ended up buying the more important stuffs.

Surely, makeup is still essential, moreover when I graduated. Eyeshadow and brushes were needed to create my desired look because the traditional Javanese wedding makeup artist was suck. Just a lesson to not have makeup do to traditional wedding salon. I thought I ought to buy my makeup kit from zero, started from eyeshadow palette (no more CS due to the smell), brush set, and blusher too. But?

I don't know, I think I don't really need it. What I need is buying veil, maxi skirt, and abaya. And still, it stumps me. I am just stingy to spend my money to both makeup and hijab attire. Ohya, almost forget, I should splurge more on good foundation or BB cream because good base makeup for flawless canvas is staple for my blemished skin. Can you guess next? Yes! Again, still stingy to spend my money on as I don't need it at the moment.

Saving money is more important. And sparing a little (or much?) amount of penny to people who have low income is tactful decision. If someday I need makeup for special occasion, I have my savings and I will immediately buy those stuffs.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

#Hijab of The Day

Allah honored and dignified us with the command to wear hijab. Let's do our best to "perfect" our hijab; attracting attention and drawing admiration with our hijab was never the point. And the closer we are in obeying the word of Allah, the higher we rise in respect and honor, in front of Allah and in front of others, and even in front of ourselves.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Islam and Hijabis


Indonesia is occupied predominantly by Muslim society. While in some countries where muslim is minority, it is a little bit hard to feel free worshiping and wearing hijab without skepticism. Sometimes a muslim has to let his family go because they can't accept him professing Islam which is generally stereotyped as terrorism. It happens because they haven't known the real Islam yet. May Allah bless them with lot of hidayah...

I found interesting articles about muslim women in America and how UCLA students define Islam. It's amazing knowing that minority muslim and muslim women ultimately speak and show their stance in Islam. Subhanallah...

First is Marwa Atik, a fashion-conscious muslim woman who established her scarves as one of fashion statement for hijabis, who was interviewed by Marie Claire magazine.You can read the article here.

Do you want to know my respond toward Marwa Atik's interview? :)

First off, I really appreciate the work of Marwa Atik who brings up hijab into something that can be summed up into two words: modesty and stylish. We all as muslim women should support our sisters out there to present that hijab is not restricted and it's so comfortable to don. Even though in the process, there are some misunderstanding of how we dress properly based on Quran and Sunnah.

I can see the environment there in America and it's genuine why Marwa Atik is a bit influenced by the culture. Fashion is staple for western women, including here in Indonesia for some. They like to keep updated with the latest fashion trend, mix and match many patterns, materials, and colors. Fashion is something that makes them look stunning and self-identified. Their quote might be: THE MORE THE MERRIER. The more they wear pieces from head to toe into their outfits, it's called stylish and fashionable even though they have to reveal little or much skin.

I remember what Ustadz Felix Siauw said that muslim can be sidetracked by 3F: Food, Fashion, and Fun. I understand how fashion modifies the proper hijab that is required to be not only modesty, but also wide and large so it's not worn tightly. The quote must be changed to: LESS IS MORE. Why we have to dress up too much while Allah 'Azza wa Jalla loves the simplicity? Do we dress up to catch people's attention or Allah Ta'ala?

Islam is a religion that brings lot of peace and wisdom. Everything has been regulated and, as muslim, we must obey Allah's rules. By obeying Him, insha Allah it gets us closer to Jannah... Aamiin allahuma aamiin... To read UCLA students' view of Islam, you can click here.

Subhanallah... I feel proud to be muslim woman... Do you so? :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Girls' Generation MV: Mr. Mr.


Have you watch the newest MV of Girls' Generation, Mr.Mr.? What do you think?

Yoona is my bias and my opinion of her look in their new MV is... IMHO, Yoona is not suitable for fierce mature look. Makeup for Mr.Mr. image is mature, fierce, and bold with dominant bold eye makeup, strong cat eyes, and pink-red lip color. For me, Yoona is not belong to that look, it always fails. Remember I Got A Boy promotional photos? Yoona had ombre hair, blue contact lens, and fierce look. I think it didn't put her best face forward.

In my thought, Yoona is an portrait of innocent college girl. Idk, maybe because of her role in dramas. However, her face is always innocent and baby-like. That's why she becomes CF of natural cosmetic brand Innisfree. Regardless, Yoona is pretty as always ♥

About the concept of Mr.Mr. MV, the nine goddesses play as nurses wearing pink outfits. Look at the properties, diamond and full of bling. Even the heart displayed on glass box is made by crystal glass. It represents SNSD's glamorous and elegant image. I love pink and Girls' Generation. Now I know why I am into them, full of pink, girly thing, and lot of cheers.

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