Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review: Innisfree Black Head Good-Bye Finger Tip Silicon


Both blackhead and whitehead, I bet, are bugging because they not only make skin feels rough, but also lead to pimples. Blackheads are clogged pores caused by excess oil that mix with dead skin cells. Whiteheads are simply comedones that have skin growing over the opening. Black and whiteheads are usually caused by using makeup and hair products that contain oil or from excessive sweating and humidity. (Source)

To get rid of blackheads, exfoliating is definitely needed after cleansing. However, exfoliating is not enough, there should be another additional tool to remove blackheads such as blackhead extractor or pore brush. Blackhead finger tip silicon can be a choice to help you to get over blackhead issue and today I'm gonna show you a review of the super inexpensive Innisfree Black Head Good-Bye Finger Tip Silicon.

Innisfree Black Head Good-Bye Finger Tip Silicon

Written in hangeul
It comes with two finger tip silicons that can be used on both middle fingers. As the name implies, this blackhead picker is made of soft and elastic skin-friendly silicon so it will not injure and irritate the skin. A finger tip silicon has two sides, striped side and comb/brush side.

Striped side
The striped side is supposed, in my perspective and opinion since all description is written in hangeul, to suppress the skin so that the protruding ribs pull out blackheads. Do it gently or your skin gets irritated.

Brush side

Another side is like a brush or comb to sweep the dead skin cells and blackheads. The filaments are quite long and not that compact, therefore, when I use it, it's more like wiping off instead of pulling out.

How to use (in my version and perspective):
  1. When washing or rubbing, use finger tip silicon on each middle finger.
  2. Gently rub out the nose or the area you want to clean.
  3. Use striped side of the silicon to remove blackheads. Then, use brush side to brush off the remaining blackheads and dead skin cells.
  4. Rinse off finger tip silicon with water after use.

I couldn't see this tool eliminate blackheads as I don't have serious problematic blackheads :p hehe... My concern is whiteheads or white dead skin cells around nose and chin, how much I've exfoliated, they are seemingly over-productive and pop up so often.'s so annoying! Even this Innisfree finger tip silicon actually can't help much to slough off my whiteheads. Nonetheless, after using this, my skin becomes smoother. I swear! Instead of removing comedones, I think it's well considered to dispose of dead skin cells. I would recommend to pair it with facial scrub since the beads can cleanse deeply into the pores.

  • Nothing to do with my whiteheads
  • I can't proof whether it works to blackheads or not. I'm sorry...
Anyway,  I couldn't capture photos of how finger tip silicon worked. If you're in tight or college-student-budget and haven't been able to afford buying the expensive pore brush yet, this tool from Innisfree could be an alternative, at least to prevent further comedonal problem.

That's all for today's review, hope you enjoy and take care... Muah...


  1. woahh so cool XD jadi pengen cobain jg
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  2. Unik ya alatnya. Masukin dalam wish list ga ya... *Mikir*\



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