Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Favorite Shops That Provide Hijab Syar'i



Allah subhanallahu wa taala has ordered us muslim women to wear hijab. As the ones who obey His rule, we want to complete our hijab to be syar'i which is in mutual accord with al Quran and as Sunnah. Hijab syar'i must be wide, long, and simple, and is supposed to cover our chest. If you're still in modern stylish hijab, just make sure to simplify the model and cover up your chest and back. For more detail, please read surah An Nur: 31 about khimar or veil and Al Ahzab: 33 about hijab.

Hijab syar'i

Here I want to share my favorite shops that provide hijab syar'i attire. I pick up these shops according to my sense of style and characteristic.
  1. Hijab Alila. It sells regular syar'i hijab and veil. No spectacular model on its product but about comfortableness I give five out stars. It can be a perfect choice if we want to learn how to wear hijab syar'i.
  2. Miss Marina. It is my most favorite brand. I'm in love with its veil, syar'i yet modern.
  3. House of Nabilia. The second designer brand that I found launched their super large shawls.
I'll be reviewing their products asap. Wohoo, I'm so excited that I can review hijab attire on my blog. There are other brands out there which sells hijab dan khimar syar'i but still, my favorites are those that I've mentioned above. They're soooooooo me...

Thank you and please look forward to reading my hijab review posts... Have a nice day everyone~

Wassalamualaikum... ^_^


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