Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Inspiring Women on Net



I can tell I'm such a weirdo. Yeah, most people, either they're friends, family, or even a boyfriend, said I'm weird or illogical. But, weird means different, doesn't it? Hahaha... Talking the term of weird here is when most girls out there have overwhelming feeling toward a particular male celebrity, artist, or band, I adore female artist instead of male. Idk why I don't have a devotion to K-Pop boy band since I'm enjoying watching girl band performance, especially Girls' Generation, the only girl band I'm awing.

Are you an internet addict like me? If you are, I believe you have known these awesome public figures who are gaining their popularity through internet. And these women are so inspiring to me, I really adore them. Who are they? Michelle Phan and Diana Rikasari. I came across many websites, blogs, and vblogs, and I finally found Michelle and Diana who really captivated me the most among other beauty gurus and fashion bloggers and make me addict to visit their sites. The term of inspiring itself means through their good personalities, works, and thoughts, they give positivity to either readers or viewers. Why do I choose Michelle Phan and Diana Rikasari as the inspiring women in my version? So, let's dig it out...

First is Michelle Phan, a youtube beauty guru. I got acquainted with her when Maybelline page on Facebook shared her video using Maybelline products. From one video I watched, I became curious about makeup and tried to browse more her videos. Then, I downloaded all her makeup tutorial videos and have been watching them over and over. You know what? Watching tutorial videos of Michelle Phan doesn't make me bored, it's fun and full of new innovation. Not only having beautiful face, but also beautiful voice, Michelle makes every of her video looks interesting and irresistible. She is getting famous because, at that time, makeup tutorial video with voice over was rarely found. If you're following Michelle's twitter, facebook, and instagram, she earnestly shares many inspiring quotes, thoughts, and projects. I think there's no prosaic videos that she made, moreover, her videos become so much sophisticated and cool.

Michelle Phan

I've ever read her interview with Vogue magazine. She told her favorite eyeshadow colors for eye makeup which is combination of gold and purple. Yeah, we've already known some of her tutorials using those colors for party makeup. Ohya, do you know her signature quote? If all else fails, just laugh/smile. She impulsively tried to convince us not to stress out over something that didn't work out, we face life-altering events and we should be ready for hurdles. When life hits you, just laugh.

Okay, I'm not the one who are following whole of her makeup style since American makeup seems to be bold while I praise super mega natural one. I enjoy watching her videos, a lot. Lately I'm a bit disappointed with the rumor that she had chin implant. As you've noticed, her chin became so pointy. It's kind of obnoxious fact knowing her face often changes in some episodes. I actually prefer her natural face without changing any parts of her face. Regardless, I still love her as my inspiring woman in beauty. Now, she has her own makeup line named EM Cosmetics, a representation of girls empowering and inspiring the make of this makeup line.

Second is Diana Rikasari, a fashion blogger. She built her fame by blogging in which she shares her styles and fashion stuff. Not only that, but also many quotes, life lessons, and inspiration writings can be found on her blog. She's also good in designing, thus she has shoes shop concerning to wedges and high heels named UP. I've ever ordered some wedges there, it's tangible that the wedges are so comfort to wear and light. Okay, so why am I immersed into her blog? Her signature style is sooooo me. Full of color, cheerful, childish-apparent which match to my characteristics. Hahaha... It looks clowny, yet alluring. Her outfits, accessories, and other fashion stuffs are unique and ridiculous. I'm in love. Unlike other fashion bloggers who passionately post only her style and photographs, Diana likes to interject inspiring quotes and personal life. I learned many on her blog, reading every post is such a fun journey to comprehend. Therefore, I cling to her only as fashion blogger and never throw a glance at other fashion bloggers.

Diana Rikasari

Again, if you're following her twitter, she likes to tweet inspiring thoughts, and her Instagram shows many beautiful portraits. When I was not in hijab, I used to follow the way she dresses up which includes colorful tights, mini skirt, mini dress, big excellent accessories like big bow and flower. It's so me, you know? Diana has ever said that style is very personal and we have to be confident of how we dress up. As long as it's not harmful to others, there's no need to feel worry about anything else. In addition, it's such a tactful suggestion that we should not judge people from the outfits they take on, again, it's personal. If we revile their styles, then, we mock their characteristics and lives. I'm pro with Diana. However, I've worn hijab and don't comply her style ever since. But I still love her, love the way she dresses up, mix-matching her outfits from head to matching foot wear, love the way how she totally spruces up, love the way she shares many inspiring contents on blog, including the experience of going through her business in fashion retail. I exuberantly get inspired by Diana Rikasari, a fashion blogger of Hot Chocolate and Mint.

Thank you so much to my inspiring women, Michelle Phan and Diana Rikasari. We've never officially met, but I'm sure both of you are more beautiful in person. Though internet where every part of the world is nudged, you give many positivity, enjoyment, and inspiration to us, your readers and viewers. Hope you're never weary to make another inspiring innovation to be blown away.



  1. I love Michelle Phan too!
    Really, really love her!
    For me, she's not just pretty and talented, but also an inspiring person.
    Diana Rikasari is also such an inspiring entrepreneur! Love them both ^^

    Anw, you have a great blog!
    I've followed you now on GFC.
    Mind to follow me back? ^^


  2. iya mereka berdua emang deserve buat jadi inspiring women.
    makasih ya udah visit blogku.. ^_^



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