Saturday, February 22, 2014

Heartbreak Pushes Us To Allah



People were wondering why I changed much, from the appearance on which I started to wear hijab to the way I shared about Islam and its knowledge. Some of them blatantly told and gave their appreciation toward my alteration. Even my thesis examiner asked me the reason why I changed that lot. When he asked me this question, I started crying inside even though my eyes couldn't lie that I was crying (I hope Mr. R had never noticed it). It's so touching knowing people care of me.

There are some stages where I couldn't handle my sadness and it lead me to go back to Allah because no one can help except Him. I'd experienced deep despair long before this and I was too coward to face that tortuous event so that I decided to commit suicide. Now, although I'm also going through up-down of deen, I'm trying to be tough and keep tawaqal. Bismillahrirohmannirohim... Allah had written my fate and I have to believe in everything that happens in my life is the best of His way to lead me to the eternal happiness.


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