Friday, February 28, 2014

Confined Budget


I'm a beauty junkie who wear hijab as well. I'm in the process of progressing of completing my hijab to the more syar'i one while my passion leads to the temptation of buying makeup stuffs that are actually not really needed at the moment.

Tight budget? Definitely yes! My budget is always torn to hijab attire and makeup/skincare. As you know, hijab is not what you'd call 'cheap', it's kind of you need extra splurge on. After immersed to makeup, believe me, lipstick and powder are not enough, you will find a way to buy more and more.

Okay okay, I won't ramble. It's time to spare a little more space to give money to the others who have low income. You know? There are so many people out there striving to survive by powerfully working from dawn to twilight. How much they've worked, the income is not enough to fulfill daily needs like meals, school fee, health cost, and so on. 

Think about it. We like to buy cosmetics cost around above IDR *00K, while they earn, for instance, 150K a month. I think I need to tame my wild temptation over makeup and ensure myself that my makeup collection is what I really need.

Giving to the others is not a thing that can be calculated with mathematics. It's all about empathy, devotion, and care. God has entrusted money to us to be shared to those who need it. You may be selfish but not that long, it's time to share ♥


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