Friday, February 28, 2014

Confined Budget


I'm a beauty junkie who wear hijab as well. I'm in the process of progressing of completing my hijab to the more syar'i one while my passion leads to the temptation of buying makeup stuffs that are actually not really needed at the moment.

Tight budget? Definitely yes! My budget is always torn to hijab attire and makeup/skincare. As you know, hijab is not what you'd call 'cheap', it's kind of you need extra splurge on. After immersed to makeup, believe me, lipstick and powder are not enough, you will find a way to buy more and more.

Okay okay, I won't ramble. It's time to spare a little more space to give money to the others who have low income. You know? There are so many people out there striving to survive by powerfully working from dawn to twilight. How much they've worked, the income is not enough to fulfill daily needs like meals, school fee, health cost, and so on. 

Think about it. We like to buy cosmetics cost around above IDR *00K, while they earn, for instance, 150K a month. I think I need to tame my wild temptation over makeup and ensure myself that my makeup collection is what I really need.

Giving to the others is not a thing that can be calculated with mathematics. It's all about empathy, devotion, and care. God has entrusted money to us to be shared to those who need it. You may be selfish but not that long, it's time to share ♥

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review: Innisfree Black Head Good-Bye Finger Tip Silicon


Both blackhead and whitehead, I bet, are bugging because they not only make skin feels rough, but also lead to pimples. Blackheads are clogged pores caused by excess oil that mix with dead skin cells. Whiteheads are simply comedones that have skin growing over the opening. Black and whiteheads are usually caused by using makeup and hair products that contain oil or from excessive sweating and humidity. (Source)

To get rid of blackheads, exfoliating is definitely needed after cleansing. However, exfoliating is not enough, there should be another additional tool to remove blackheads such as blackhead extractor or pore brush. Blackhead finger tip silicon can be a choice to help you to get over blackhead issue and today I'm gonna show you a review of the super inexpensive Innisfree Black Head Good-Bye Finger Tip Silicon.

Innisfree Black Head Good-Bye Finger Tip Silicon

Written in hangeul
It comes with two finger tip silicons that can be used on both middle fingers. As the name implies, this blackhead picker is made of soft and elastic skin-friendly silicon so it will not injure and irritate the skin. A finger tip silicon has two sides, striped side and comb/brush side.

Striped side
The striped side is supposed, in my perspective and opinion since all description is written in hangeul, to suppress the skin so that the protruding ribs pull out blackheads. Do it gently or your skin gets irritated.

Brush side

Another side is like a brush or comb to sweep the dead skin cells and blackheads. The filaments are quite long and not that compact, therefore, when I use it, it's more like wiping off instead of pulling out.

How to use (in my version and perspective):
  1. When washing or rubbing, use finger tip silicon on each middle finger.
  2. Gently rub out the nose or the area you want to clean.
  3. Use striped side of the silicon to remove blackheads. Then, use brush side to brush off the remaining blackheads and dead skin cells.
  4. Rinse off finger tip silicon with water after use.

I couldn't see this tool eliminate blackheads as I don't have serious problematic blackheads :p hehe... My concern is whiteheads or white dead skin cells around nose and chin, how much I've exfoliated, they are seemingly over-productive and pop up so often.'s so annoying! Even this Innisfree finger tip silicon actually can't help much to slough off my whiteheads. Nonetheless, after using this, my skin becomes smoother. I swear! Instead of removing comedones, I think it's well considered to dispose of dead skin cells. I would recommend to pair it with facial scrub since the beads can cleanse deeply into the pores.

  • Nothing to do with my whiteheads
  • I can't proof whether it works to blackheads or not. I'm sorry...
Anyway,  I couldn't capture photos of how finger tip silicon worked. If you're in tight or college-student-budget and haven't been able to afford buying the expensive pore brush yet, this tool from Innisfree could be an alternative, at least to prevent further comedonal problem.

That's all for today's review, hope you enjoy and take care... Muah...

Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Favorite Shops That Provide Hijab Syar'i



Allah subhanallahu wa taala has ordered us muslim women to wear hijab. As the ones who obey His rule, we want to complete our hijab to be syar'i which is in mutual accord with al Quran and as Sunnah. Hijab syar'i must be wide, long, and simple, and is supposed to cover our chest. If you're still in modern stylish hijab, just make sure to simplify the model and cover up your chest and back. For more detail, please read surah An Nur: 31 about khimar or veil and Al Ahzab: 33 about hijab.

Hijab syar'i

Here I want to share my favorite shops that provide hijab syar'i attire. I pick up these shops according to my sense of style and characteristic.
  1. Hijab Alila. It sells regular syar'i hijab and veil. No spectacular model on its product but about comfortableness I give five out stars. It can be a perfect choice if we want to learn how to wear hijab syar'i.
  2. Miss Marina. It is my most favorite brand. I'm in love with its veil, syar'i yet modern.
  3. House of Nabilia. The second designer brand that I found launched their super large shawls.
I'll be reviewing their products asap. Wohoo, I'm so excited that I can review hijab attire on my blog. There are other brands out there which sells hijab dan khimar syar'i but still, my favorites are those that I've mentioned above. They're soooooooo me...

Thank you and please look forward to reading my hijab review posts... Have a nice day everyone~

Wassalamualaikum... ^_^

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Heartbreak Pushes Us To Allah



People were wondering why I changed much, from the appearance on which I started to wear hijab to the way I shared about Islam and its knowledge. Some of them blatantly told and gave their appreciation toward my alteration. Even my thesis examiner asked me the reason why I changed that lot. When he asked me this question, I started crying inside even though my eyes couldn't lie that I was crying (I hope Mr. R had never noticed it). It's so touching knowing people care of me.

There are some stages where I couldn't handle my sadness and it lead me to go back to Allah because no one can help except Him. I'd experienced deep despair long before this and I was too coward to face that tortuous event so that I decided to commit suicide. Now, although I'm also going through up-down of deen, I'm trying to be tough and keep tawaqal. Bismillahrirohmannirohim... Allah had written my fate and I have to believe in everything that happens in my life is the best of His way to lead me to the eternal happiness.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


  • Currently can't sleep under 00.00 and decided to not sleep so I can pray subuh.
  • YKS becomes my favorite TV show.
  • In very tight budget that is torn to hijab attire and makeup stuffs. From zero have to collect syar'i (wide and long) khimar, and then optionally buy some cosmetics to replace the old ones.
  • Love watching movies on TV since I'm an old-school film-freak (almost never go to cinema).
  • Drooling over BB cream, CC cream, concealer, powder, blusher, lip lacquer, everythiiiiiiiinnnngggg.
  • Could have saved money and given any to the others.
  • Unemployed means no burdensome of thesis and graduation, but getting a job becomes such a serious thing to be thought.
  • Quit from blog/online shop giveaway. It sucks never win at least once.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Inspiring Women on Net



I can tell I'm such a weirdo. Yeah, most people, either they're friends, family, or even a boyfriend, said I'm weird or illogical. But, weird means different, doesn't it? Hahaha... Talking the term of weird here is when most girls out there have overwhelming feeling toward a particular male celebrity, artist, or band, I adore female artist instead of male. Idk why I don't have a devotion to K-Pop boy band since I'm enjoying watching girl band performance, especially Girls' Generation, the only girl band I'm awing.

Are you an internet addict like me? If you are, I believe you have known these awesome public figures who are gaining their popularity through internet. And these women are so inspiring to me, I really adore them. Who are they? Michelle Phan and Diana Rikasari. I came across many websites, blogs, and vblogs, and I finally found Michelle and Diana who really captivated me the most among other beauty gurus and fashion bloggers and make me addict to visit their sites. The term of inspiring itself means through their good personalities, works, and thoughts, they give positivity to either readers or viewers. Why do I choose Michelle Phan and Diana Rikasari as the inspiring women in my version? So, let's dig it out...

First is Michelle Phan, a youtube beauty guru. I got acquainted with her when Maybelline page on Facebook shared her video using Maybelline products. From one video I watched, I became curious about makeup and tried to browse more her videos. Then, I downloaded all her makeup tutorial videos and have been watching them over and over. You know what? Watching tutorial videos of Michelle Phan doesn't make me bored, it's fun and full of new innovation. Not only having beautiful face, but also beautiful voice, Michelle makes every of her video looks interesting and irresistible. She is getting famous because, at that time, makeup tutorial video with voice over was rarely found. If you're following Michelle's twitter, facebook, and instagram, she earnestly shares many inspiring quotes, thoughts, and projects. I think there's no prosaic videos that she made, moreover, her videos become so much sophisticated and cool.

Michelle Phan

I've ever read her interview with Vogue magazine. She told her favorite eyeshadow colors for eye makeup which is combination of gold and purple. Yeah, we've already known some of her tutorials using those colors for party makeup. Ohya, do you know her signature quote? If all else fails, just laugh/smile. She impulsively tried to convince us not to stress out over something that didn't work out, we face life-altering events and we should be ready for hurdles. When life hits you, just laugh.

Okay, I'm not the one who are following whole of her makeup style since American makeup seems to be bold while I praise super mega natural one. I enjoy watching her videos, a lot. Lately I'm a bit disappointed with the rumor that she had chin implant. As you've noticed, her chin became so pointy. It's kind of obnoxious fact knowing her face often changes in some episodes. I actually prefer her natural face without changing any parts of her face. Regardless, I still love her as my inspiring woman in beauty. Now, she has her own makeup line named EM Cosmetics, a representation of girls empowering and inspiring the make of this makeup line.

Second is Diana Rikasari, a fashion blogger. She built her fame by blogging in which she shares her styles and fashion stuff. Not only that, but also many quotes, life lessons, and inspiration writings can be found on her blog. She's also good in designing, thus she has shoes shop concerning to wedges and high heels named UP. I've ever ordered some wedges there, it's tangible that the wedges are so comfort to wear and light. Okay, so why am I immersed into her blog? Her signature style is sooooo me. Full of color, cheerful, childish-apparent which match to my characteristics. Hahaha... It looks clowny, yet alluring. Her outfits, accessories, and other fashion stuffs are unique and ridiculous. I'm in love. Unlike other fashion bloggers who passionately post only her style and photographs, Diana likes to interject inspiring quotes and personal life. I learned many on her blog, reading every post is such a fun journey to comprehend. Therefore, I cling to her only as fashion blogger and never throw a glance at other fashion bloggers.

Diana Rikasari

Again, if you're following her twitter, she likes to tweet inspiring thoughts, and her Instagram shows many beautiful portraits. When I was not in hijab, I used to follow the way she dresses up which includes colorful tights, mini skirt, mini dress, big excellent accessories like big bow and flower. It's so me, you know? Diana has ever said that style is very personal and we have to be confident of how we dress up. As long as it's not harmful to others, there's no need to feel worry about anything else. In addition, it's such a tactful suggestion that we should not judge people from the outfits they take on, again, it's personal. If we revile their styles, then, we mock their characteristics and lives. I'm pro with Diana. However, I've worn hijab and don't comply her style ever since. But I still love her, love the way she dresses up, mix-matching her outfits from head to matching foot wear, love the way how she totally spruces up, love the way she shares many inspiring contents on blog, including the experience of going through her business in fashion retail. I exuberantly get inspired by Diana Rikasari, a fashion blogger of Hot Chocolate and Mint.

Thank you so much to my inspiring women, Michelle Phan and Diana Rikasari. We've never officially met, but I'm sure both of you are more beautiful in person. Though internet where every part of the world is nudged, you give many positivity, enjoyment, and inspiration to us, your readers and viewers. Hope you're never weary to make another inspiring innovation to be blown away.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Quote of The Day

"The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart."
- Rumi

What We Have to Say

Friday, February 14, 2014

Quote of The Day

"Forgiving does not erase the bitter past. A healed memory is not a deleted memory. Instead, forgiving what we cannot forget creates a new way to remember. We change the memory of our past into a hope for our future." 

- Louis B. Smedes -

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wasiat-Wasiat Jitu dari Ibu yang Bijak

Ada sebuah wasiat yang paling baik di antara wasiat-wasiat yang diriwayatkan dari wanita Arab, yaitu wasiat Umamah binti al-Harits untuk putrinya Ummu Iyyas binti 'Auf pada malam pesta perkawinannya. Dalam wasiatnya dia berkata, "Wahai putriku, sesungguhnya engkau akan meninggalkan suasana dimana engkau dilahirkan, dan keluar dari sarang dimana engkau tumbuh. Seandainya ada seorang wanita yang tidak membutuhkan suami karena kekayaan kedua orangtuanya dan kebutuhan kedua orangtua terhadapnya, maka engkau adalah orang yang paling tidak membutuhkan suami. Namun, wanita telah diciptakan untuk laki-laki dan laki-laki juga telah diciptakan untuk wanita."

"Wasiat pertama dan kedua, tunduklah kepada suami dengan penuh kerelaan, dengarkanlah dia dengan seksama, dan taatilah dia."

"Wasiat ketiga dan keempat, cermatilah arah pandangan mata dan ciuman hidung suami, jangan sampai matanya memandang darimu sesuatu yang jelek, dan jangan sampai dia mencium darimu melainkan wangi yang paling sedap."

"Wasiat kelima dan keenam, cermatilah waktu tidur dan makannya, karena rasa lapar dapat membakar amarah, sementara kekurangan dan terganggunya tidur akan mendatangkan murka."

"Wasiat ketujuh dan kedepalapan, jagalah harta suami, peliharalah kehormatan dan wibawa keluarganya. Kunci keberhasilan dalam mengelola harta benda adalah kecakapan menghitung dan kunci kesuksesan keluarga adalah kecakapan mengelola."

"Wasiat kesembilan dan kesepuluh, jangan sekali-kali melanggar perintahnya dan jangan menyebarkan rahasianya, karena bila engkau melanggar perintahnya, maka engkau telah menyempitkan dadanya, dan bila engkau menyebarkan rahasianya, maka engkau telah mengkhianati amanatnya. Dan jangan sekali-kali engkau bersukacita di hadapannya bila dia sedang sedih, dan jangan pula engkau menampakkan kesedihan dan wajah masam ketika dia sedang gembira."

Subhanallah... :')

Ya Allah, semoga Kau segera beri aku kesempatan untuk bisa menjalankan wasiat bijak ini... Aamiin...

Waiting for (You) Mr Right..

 It is only a matter of time...

"Boyfriends and Girlfriends will leave you in this dunya, while a righteous spouse will be with you even in Jannah!” — Boona Mohammed

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quote of The Day

“Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship in the name of Allah [SWT]. It’s not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.”

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Review: Hada Labo Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Lotion (Made in Indonesia)



To be honest, I don't know what my skin type is, either oily or combination. In the morning after waking up, hoah it's oilier than ever, but after rinsing off with facial wash and applying toner, it's flaky dry. Argh! At that moment, I run out any skincare product. The last that I used was OST Vit C20 serum (this serum brightened my acne scars!). Talking about dryness, even homemade green tea toner dries out my skin. The similar effect also happened to Clean&Clear Essentials Oil-Control Toner which firmly known as the mildest toner among the other brands (in local market).

Hada Labo Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Lotion (Made by Rohto Indonesia)

I strongly needed moisturizer and didn't want to wait within 2-4 days of shipping if I went online shopping for Korean brand moisturizer. So, I decided to buy this Hada Labo Gokujyun Lotion that is so easy to find at the nearest local market, mini market, or supermarket. Why I chose Hada Labo? Simply because:
  1. It's Japan brand, manufactured by Rohto, and this brand has hold consumers' love.
  2. The main benefit of this lotion is hydrating and moisturizing, so it's suitable for my dry skin after cleansing.
  3. Inexpensive, around IDR 32.000, yeah since it's made locally in Indonesia (but it's licensed by Japan Rohto).
Ohya, my skin type is acne prone skin. Hahaha I almost forget acne that love to settle down here on my face T^T So far, HL (Hada Labo) doesn't break me out and moisturizes my skin real well. BUT, in cold weather I'm not sure the power of moisturizing of this HL. When I was in vacation at Kota Batu, Malang, that has coooooooooold weather, my skin was so dry and cracky even after I applied Benton essence and HL lotion.'s probably about the cold weather after all hehe...

As written on label, HL Gokujyun lotion has 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid, fragrance free, colorant free, mineral oil free, and ethanol free (but methylparaben not free T^T). The texture is watery, almost like water but a bit concentrate, and transparent. No fragrance means no perfume, but still have a medicine-y smell which doesn't matter for me. I personally love this lotion for the lightest texture it has, it's apparently like essence since most lotion is in watery light creme.

How to use:
Pour out an appropriate amount of HL Gokujyun lotion on the palm and then gently tap on until the formula absorbs into the skin.

Next time maybe I'd try Shirojyun for whitening effect. But I've ever read that whitening skincare is not good for acne prone skin, or at least for those who have many pimples. Is it true? Hmm...

Okay, that's the review...Bubye... ^_^

Regarding Hijab

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Book Review: Tips Menjadi Wanita Paling Bahagia di Dunia by Dr. Aidh Abdullah al-Qarni, M.A.



Hi, how are you? Hope everything's fine. I'm back with book review as I want to give a good book recommendation for muslim women who are suffering never ending sadness or misery (like me). Okay, the book that I owe is a translation version in Bahasa Indonesia. So, which language should I use now? I've ever heard most muslim women here in Indonesia unfortunately can't understand English (I believe all moslemah are smart), but I want to spread the information to all around the world so everyone in every part of the world can read and understand what I'm saying.'s so confusing... -_- Okay, to make it fair, I'll use both languages, Bahasa and English. Please bear with me, ladies... ;)

Tips Menjadi Wanita Paling Bahagia di Dunia by Dr. Aidh Abdullah al-Qarni, M.A.

The book is entitled Tips Menjadi Wanita Paling Bahagia di Dunia (original title is As'adu-Imroatin fil 'Alam) written by Dr. Aidh Abdullah al-Qarni, M.A. who wrote the best-seller book La Tahzan Don't be Sad. Have you ever read La Tahzan? Whoah, it's such a pricey heavy bold book and addressed to men and women. Here, the book that I want to review is specifically directed to women, thus the title is Tips How to be the Happiest Women in the World.

As we all know, wanita diciptakan dengan perasaan yang sensitif. Mungkin dari sudut pandang pria, wanita dilihat sebagai makhluk yang sangat complicated dan ga mudah ditebak. Bagi pria yang ga mengenal tabiat wanita pasti akan banyak mengeluh dan kesal. Itulah wanita, fitrahnya lembut namun sensitif dan sedikit rapuh.

Am I the only one? Saya sebagai wanita pun kadang ga habis pikir dengan perasaan saya yang sering labil. Saya mudah sekali sedih walau tanpa sebab yang pasti. Tahu-tahu saya menangis, pikiran saya campur aduk sehingga ada banyak hal yang saya tangisi namun there's no the exact reason why I cry. Dan saya termasuk wanita yang sering menangis, seolah menangis sudah menjadi semacam hobi.

Kita wanita ga diciptakan hanya menjadi wanita. Kita ditakdirkan sebagai wanita, istri, dan ibu, maka kaum wanita sering disebut multitasking karena banyaknya peran yang kita kerjakan. Terlebih jika kita mendapat cobaan dan ujian, di luar kita tampak tangguh namun dalamnya begitu rapuh... Terlebih-lebih lagi...bila dihadapkan pada masalah cinta dan asmara... Ahhh...I just can't stand for it...

Therefore, this book by Dr. Aidh Abdullah al-Qarni, M.A. exists to help us the women to face and go through hard times, sadness, and misery, moreover if there's no one who can console, comfort, and understand us. I bought this book in 2010 and re-read the book anytime I need 'something' that chills this heart. Okay, let's dig the book deeper...

Let's read the book! ^_^

Buku ini bertema perhiasan. Setiap chapternya diberi judul berbagai macam perhiasan seperti emas, permata, mutiara, dsb. Kenapa? Karena wanita merupakan perhiasan dunia.

"Dunia itu perhiasan, dan sebaik-baik perhiasan dunia adalah wanita shalihah." (HR. Ahmad)

Dan setiap chapter dibagi dalam beberapa sub-chapter. Yang saya suka dari buku ini adalah content tiap sub-chapter dibuat hanya 1-2 halaman. Dengan buku setebal itu, bagi kutu buku, mungkin buku ini bisa selesai dalam waktu 1 atau 2 hari. Content yang singkat, padat, dan jelas tiap sub-chapter-lah yang membuat buku ini sangat mudah untuk dipahami dan diresapi. Coba bayangkan kalau seandainya isi buku ini dibuat memanjang seperti sebuah essay? Memusingkan... Lihat tulisannya pun sudah pusing mungkin... Hehe...

Isi buku

Di tiap sub-chapter pun ada potongan ayat al Quran yang sesuai dengan tujuan utama buku ini, membuat para wanita bangkit dari keterpurukannya dalam sedih. Lalu ada banyak kata-kata bijak yang juga memotivasi kita para pembaca bahwa akan selalu ada kemudahan setelah kesulitan, dan selalu ada Allah yang menemani dan menolong. Penulis memberi banyak cerita-cerita inspirasi bagi kita wanita dari berbagai macam figur universally. Pokoknya buku ini banyak mengajarkan hal secara Islami. Oh iya, sebelum lupa, layout buku ini juga "cewe" sekali. Harganya lumayan terjangkau tapi kertasnya tebal dan kelihatan ga murahan.

Berikut ini salah satu isi dari buku "mujarab" ini. It's so true!


Kata-kata berikut ini merupakan nasihat seorang wanita muslimah asal Jerman. Dia berkata, "Jangan sekali-kali terpesona dengan gaya kebarat-baratan, baik berbentuk pemikiran maupun mode. Semua itu adalah tipuan yang menjauhkan kita dari agama ini secara berangsur-angsur hingga mereka merampas kekayaan kita. Islam, dengan sistem kekeluargaannya merupakan sistem yang cocok dengan wanita, karena tabiat seorang wanita adalah senang tinggal dan menetap di rumah. Dan kalian pasti bertanya, 'Kenapa?' Sebab Allah telah menciptakan laki-laki lebih kuat daripada wanita dalam soal kegigihan, kecerdasan, dan kekuatan fisiknya."

"Wanita telah diciptakan dengan bekal tabiat kelembutan, perasaan yang sensitif, dan tidak memiliki kekuatan jasmani sebagaimana yang dimiliki laki-laki. Sampai batas tertentu wanita sering meledak-ledak emosinya dan cepat berubah perasaannya. Oleh karena itu, rumah adalah tempatnya yang paling tentram dan aman. Wanita yang mencintai suami dan anak-anaknya tidak akan meninggalkan rumah tanpa kepentingan yang mendesak, dan ia tidak senang bercampur baur dengan laki-laki. Seseungguhnya 99 persen wanita Barat telah mengalami dekadensi moral yang sangat berat, dan itu terjadi setelah mereka menjual dirinya, serta tidak takutnya mereka kepada Allah sedikitpun."


Buku ini benar-benar bagus dan cocok untuk dibaca para kaum wanita. Saya sendiri banyak belajar dari buku ini, bagaimana kita mendekatkan diri pada Allah Taala, bagaimana kita bersikap sebagai muslimah yang syar'i, bagaimana kita taat pada suami, dsb. Maka dari itu, ini buku yang pantas untuk dijadikan kado maupun hadiah bagi muslimah lainnya.

That's the review, hope you enjoy girls... I don't know whether this book is still available in bookstore or not, but if you are book worm like me, you must have read this hehehe... If you're not and haven't read it yet, I think there are more other good books for moslemah. I'm very sorry if my review doesn't meet your expectation, I was confused describing in Bahasa *arrogant lol~ Okay, see you on the next book review, pretty ukhti... :*


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