Monday, January 13, 2014

The Reasons to Break Up Your Boyfriend


Before we go on to the main object of this post, let me first tell you. Yesterday I got my room cleaned up because I moved from boarding house to home. Yeah, fyi, I'd graduated from university and it's time to go back home. When cleaning my room, I found many papers and assignments when I studied for 5 years. Haha...and I found this interesting paper and read the content. Trust me, it's weird and I'm unsure that it was my assignment paper that was assessed with "EXCELLENT" mark. Why is it weird? Because I doubt whether this article was copied elsewhere on internet or not. Yeah, how could a sophomore write that amazing article? Even now I don't have such a big idea to write that. It's absolutely weird lol~

Yeah, I still had student number lol~
If it's copied from internet, shame!

The matter whether I copied or not, it's so much useful to re-post my writing assignment. So, here we go~


The Reasons to Break Up Your Boyfriend

Breaking up the boyfriend is not easy thing to do because we have ever undergone the unforgettable moments with him. In a failed relationship, of course there is a pain. However, if we cannot effort the relationship, it will be better to stop. To break him up well as we have accepted him well, we have to be ready for these reasons to break him up.

Playboy. This first reason is the common thing why girls break up their boyfriend. There is no advantage having relationship with such guy. Even he just hurt you because he likes to date with another girl. Best of the best way if we know our boyfriend is playboy is saying goodbye for him.

The second common reason is materialistic. Not only girls, but also boys like to make their girlfriend broke. Materialistic guy will never be a hero because he is not responsible as a boy. Leave him but try to tell him to have girlfriend like Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie.

There is no girl who likes to be hurt physically. It is very terrible having boyfriend such the killer guy. He is easily to get angry with you if you make mistakes, even little mistakes. He can hit and fist you, and make you black and blue. This situation is not good for you.

Hello girls, it is time for you to decide where you will go on your relationship with your boyfriend who is such three types above. Do not be sad because there are many good and nice guys outside. But, remember, don't accept them who like hurt girls. Find out the real good boy for your future. If you get a good one, do not hurt him and treat him well. Good luck, gals!


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