Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review: Sigma F60 Foundation Brush



To be honest, it's my first experience of using brush for applying foundation/BB cream/concealer since I used to use fingertips and unbranded sponge. I watched many make up tutorial and found that using brush for foundation application is easier and even without clumping. Moreover, brush does not absorb makeup. Therefore, I bought this Sigma F60 foundation brush from Make Me Blush travel kit.

Product Description
F60 - foundation: Smooth foundation application. Apply liquid or cream products such as foundation and primer.
Dimension: 15 cm

Since it's my first time using foundation brush, I'm just too fool to apply foundation with this brush. lol~ IMO, the bristles is soft yet dense. What I dislike from this brush is the density because it absorbs much product so that it dispenses small amount of foundation. If only the bristles was not as dense, I would love it more.

Something that broke me down is I experienced the shedding. Kyaaaa! The very first time I applied BB cream using this brush, a bristle shed. Since Sigma is a very well-known brush with its goodness (the price talks more), I actually blame myself because I was powerful when blending BB cream with this brush. That's why it shed a bit.

For me, foundation brush is not a big deal. I prefer to use clean fingers and sponge to apply foundation and concealer. However, if used correctly, I mean tapping the concealer on, the result is good. So? It is all about me of being fool using foundation brush. Hahaha...

Oh ya, I don't know exactly whether it's made from natural or synthetic hair. Whatever it is, I think the natural hair brushes are better if it comes to the face. Yeah..just personal opinion..

What I love the most of this foundation series is the color. Look, the handle is coral pink. I loooove pink ♥ And since it's from travel kit, the length is not that long so it's suitable for traveling, and of course, for petite girl like me.

  1. Soft bristles
  2. Easy to use
  3. Travel handy
  4. Coral pink colored handle
  1. Dense/compact
  2. Sheds (just a biiiiiiit)

That's the review. I hope it helps... Bye...



  1. Assalamalaikum
    I found your blog today and I just wanna say that youre such a sweet person, I enjoyed reading your reviews alot as we have similar skin types so it was a lot of help to know what products work and what don't.
    p. S. You should try the turmeric + gram flour(or rice flour) + yoghurt mask, it looks silly when its on but I use it 3 times a week and it helped with my acne and old acne marks too. I hope you try it :D



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