Monday, January 6, 2014

20 Ways to Keep Your Husband’s Love ♥

20 Ways to Keep Your Husband’s Love ♥

1. Nothing works like du’ah, and love only exists between spouses where Allah instills it. Ask Allah to strengthen and preserve the bonds of compassion and love between the two of you, every day, every prayer.

2. Dress pleasantly/attractively. If you are a home-maker, don’t stay in your sleeping suit all day.

3. Smell good!

4. Don’t lay out all your problems on your husband as soon as he walks in. Give him a little mental break.

5. Be kind to your mother-in-law the same way you would like your husband to be kind to your own mother.

6. Learn all the rights and obligations of each other in Islam. Focus on fulfilling your obligations, not demanding your rights.

7. Race to the door when he comes home, as if you were waiting for him. Smile and hug him.

8. Keep your house clean, at least to the level that he wants it.

9. Tell him he’s the best husband ever.

10. Call his family often.

11. Encourage him to do good deeds.

12. If he’s in a bad mood, give him some space. He’ll get over it, inshaAllah.

13. Thank him sincerely for providing you with food and shelter. It’s a big deal.

14. If he’s angry with you and starts yelling, let him yell it out while you’re quiet. You will see your fight will end a lot faster. Then when he’s calm, you can tell him your side of the story and how you want him to change something.

15. Let him chill with his friends without guilt, especially if they’re good guys. Encourage him to go out, so he doesn’t feel “cooped up” at home.

16. If your husband is annoyed over a little thing you do (and you can control it), then stop doing it. Really.

17. Don’t get mad over small things. It’s not worth it.

18. Learn to make his favorite dish.

19. Don’t ever, EVER talk bad about him with friends or family unnecessarily. If they end up agreeing with you, you will see that it hits you back in the face because you get more depressed that you have a bad husband–and other people also think you have a bad husband.

20. Don’t EVER compare your husbands to other husbands! For example don’t say, “well her husband doesn’t do that, why do you …” (thats a killer!)

-- Source: Hijab Chic Blog


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