Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review: Elishacoy Always Baby BB Cream


Today's review is Elishacoy Always Baby BB Cream. Here we go...



As usual, and it will be 'always', sample size is a must to get the impression. Fortunately, this Elishacoy Always Baby BB Cream gets my good first impression.


It's available in one shade only. One shade will blend together with natural skin tone thus it won't make the skin white like a ghost. Moreover, the 'whitening' claimed on the tube won't leave white cast. Super natural! Trust me, this bb cream is total holy grail.

I made a little comparison between Elishacoy Always Baby and Maybelline BB cream in #1 fresh. They have similar shade, almost the same. When I use Maybelline, the more I use, the whiter it gets like a ghost. Conversely, the more I use Elishacoy Always Baby to conceal all my imperfections, the skin tone is not getting fairer. Totally natural following the original skin tone even though there's still whitening effect, but not that much like, for example, Etude House Precious Bright Fit.


Texture is liquid. Easy to be smoothly glided on skin.

No fragrance. The smell is more chemical but not bothering.

SPF35 PA++ protects from both UVA and UVB for about 5-8 hours straight.

Coverage is sheer to medium. BB cream always has sheer to medium coverage because its light weight. Due to I use tiny amount (less is more), the coverage won't meet your expectation. Okay, it will covers up tiny blemishes, but bold acne scars will be completely concealed with added concealer.

Sebum control is TOTALLY GOOD! Oh gosh, hey ladies, trust me, no more oily skin using Elishacoy Always Baby bbc. When I was sweating and tried to remove the sweat on my nose, unlike the other bb creams, the formula of Elishacoy bb cream didn't stick on tissue paper. Hwoah, cool!

Other than sebum control, it's indeed good to moisturize the skin. For dry skin, please don't be afraid of being dry of flaky using this bb cream.

All descriptions written on the tube are TRUE and PERFECT! No lies, no claims, no persuasive promises, all I found is REAL PROMISING RESULTS.

Repurchase? Yeah but not the full size since the price is quite expensive and I don't want to pull off myself buying something that I haven't deserved yet to earn. Haha... (I don't know what I'm just saying -_-")

Hope it helps. Thank you for reading and bubye...


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