Monday, September 16, 2013

Review: Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner

Assalamualaikum... :)

I'm the type of person who like buy sample size of skincare products. Why? Simply I want to check whether those products are suitable for my skin or not. IMO, buying the full size without knowing the suitability to skin is very wasting. Especially Korean brand, hmm...the price might give a little force to drain wallet.

Sokay, today's review is going to be........ Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner. Yayyyyy! I felt excited when I finally purchased Innisfree products since the CF is Yoona SNSD, my most beautiful idol! Yoona is SNSD member whom I love the most. And of course, I'm a Sone (SNSD's fans name) and I truly love SNSD as my the only one girl band I love.

Before going on to the review, better to watch the beautiful Yoona on ads... ^-^


♥ Product descriptions:
 Formulated with Jaejeu volcanic ash and mint
 Removes sebum and skin waste in pores to create pretty and smooth face
 Tightens pores
♥ How to use:
After cleansing, apply a proper amount to all over the face with cotton

I got 13 ml bottle, the smallest one but can be used about 10 times. Moreover, small bottle is travel-handy, I like it.

Toner consistency is always light like water. Jeju volcanic pore toner has two layers. Pic below shows the sediment on bottle which means before using it's better to shake it real well.

The smell of this toner is beyond expectation. Since it's made from Jeju volcanic properties, I thought the smell is like ash or earth. But, this toner has fragrance, for me like floral fragrance. Quite strong yet not bothering imo. I looooove the fragrance. Pretty sure!

When used, it has soothing effect on skin. Very calming and relaxing. Love! The more I love is it doesn't dry my skin out. Super yayy!

Most toner has alcohol in ingredient, but Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner doesn't. It also can be used to any skin type and not specified to only oily skin. Super yayyy again! :D

Well, I have large pores but I'm not too concerned to reduce the size of my pores using this toner. I love this toner simply because...
♪ the fragrance
♪ soothing effect
♪ not dry out skin
♪ no alcohol
♪ natural ingredient
♪ for any types of skin (good news for dry skin)
♪ control sebum
♪ minimize the size of pores (even though not that significant, it works)

More additional point as my tips. I often use this toner to compress my pimples. I soak the little piece of cotton with this toner and stick them on my pimples. Yeahh, even though the pimples are not banished, the toner cools down them. It just additional treatment made by me. Hehehe... :D

So far, there's no cons...

Repurchase! OF COURSE!!!
I'm gonna buy 75ml size.

Thank you for reading and hope my review helps... :)


  1. Wah baru tau kalo ada ukuran sample nya . Beli dimana kak??

  2. Kira2 klo kulit acne prone bs pake ga ya kak? Thanks ..

    1. hai dear..
      bisa kok karena tonernya ga bikin kulit kering.
      aku jerawatan jg pake. malah bisa buat kompres jerawat juga tonernya ^_^



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