Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Review: The Face Shop New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack


For us who concern about blackhead and whitehead, nose pack must be our best friend to reduce them. Pore strips that can be easily bought at store are actually a little expensive if we use it regularly. Moreover, it quite bugs that we have to cut it into pieces so that we can stick them out on the spots other than nose. The practical usage of nose pack is, of course, something like The Face Shop Black Head Clay Nose Pack... yayy!


The tube contains 50 g pore clay. Not that small, but not that big, just so so, but if we use it more regularly, it lasts fast. The brand new tube are sealed in the tube hole. At first, I was confused how to tear the seal, however I finally had toothpick to stab it in.

How to use:
Apply an even layer on nose area. Leave on 10-15 minutes or until it gets completely dry. Gently peel off from the outer edges.

expired date

Like wrote on the tube, TFS Black Head Clay Nose Pack is made from New Zealand volcanic clay, specifically in Rotorua area. Yeahh, it gets more common anything about volcanic stuff is related to skin pores. Nyahaha... Unfortunately, it contains paraben... :(

Okay, come to the texture. The texture is white sticky liquid like clay or mud. After drying up and peeled off, the texture is like latex. It's also fragrance. Once I got this product, the tube had already given the smell of fragrance. Again and again, the smell is not like ash or mud, but floral scent. Strong fragrance... -_-

I can say this TFS pore clay is more helpful than pore strips. I can easily apply the clay on the spots where whiteheads are mushrooming on. Okay, let me tell you first that I don't have problem with blackhead, but whiteheads is pleased to settle on my face like nose, chin, around mouth and nose. Harhhh... How often I peel them off using peeling, they can't not easily removed. Super annoying!

Since TFS pore clay is white, it's quite hard to notice the whiteheads that have already removed. About the power of removing whiteheads, it's just so so like regular pore strips. I prefer using blackhead needle, though. Sometimes I regret buying this product, but it's somehow helpful. Hehehe...

However, after using this pore clay, the skin is smoother even though there are the leftover whitehead which are pleased to settle.

Repurchase? No!

Thank you for reading and hopefully it's helpful :)


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