Sunday, September 1, 2013

Review: The Face Shop Lovely me:ex Design My Eyebrow


I'd been less attention to the eyebrows because my eyebrows shape is not perfect. Yeah, I can trim down and pluck them buuuuuuut X X X (triple crosses warning!) my religion (it might be sensitive, I'm sorry) prohibits to shave eyebrows. Why? Because they're created originally and beauty is all original and natural without changing what we've got when born. Hehe..I'm sorry I'm getting too serious :p
Since I wear hijab, I become more concerned about eyebrows for makeup. I wear garment to cover up my head and hair, and redefining eyebrows shape makes the face looks defined and bold. Moreover, I don't wear too much makeup, no more eyeshadow on lids, just eyeliner. Thus, defined eyebrows frame in the eyes and, of course, face.

Okay, back to the topic, reviewing TFS eyebrow pencil: Lovely me:ex Design My Eyebrow.

There are variety of brands and I chose The Face Shop simply because it offers the most affordable price. I bought it IDR 31k on my trusted online shop Drolly Pop. Other than that, I'd never tried The Face Shop brand hehe... And after buying this brand's products, I think I'm in love, esp with skincare line. They seem so natural and have promising benefits of the ingredients. For makeup line, the design is so boring, thus probably I prefer to buy another brand :p

Haha..okay okay, sorry for out of topic XD

The Face Shop Lovely me:ex Design My Eyebrow

Like eyebrow pencil in general, both sides of TFS Design My Eyebrow are eyebrow stick and brush as well as it is retractable. The pencil can be rotated to make the eyebrow stick comes out and in of. By the way, the thing that is bugging me is...that picture besides the the name print, is it mustache or pony bangs? Nyahaha, I know it's unimportant to discuss but as for myself, that logotype is much more like curvy pony bangs. Hihi... :D

The packaging has brown color. I unsure if the packaging color is in accordance with eyebrow stick color or not. May be yes... (still in doubt). And sure, nothing cute happens in eyebrow pencils :/

The eyebrow stick shape is actually triangle. Sorry, in picture above, the stick had been used once so it looks a bit blunt on one side.

I like the brush. It blurs out and soften the harsh edges of brows marking. This brush works real well. When I make a mistake by drawing out of line or I intensely draw on my brows, I can brush them off to fade them away to keep it looks natural. Pretty nice!

Swatch: #1 Grey Brown

Brush it off

Brush it off more and more until I get this result
This eyebrow pencil is pretty good. I don't know exactly about texture or formula, I think all eyebrows pencils are the same (yeah I can say this because this is my second eyebrow pencil :p). Nonetheless, the pigmentation is really good. It's okay one stroke can't show the color vividly, but then 2-3 strokes give obvious color. Moreover, it's super easy to draw on eyebrows. I love it!

Ohya, something that shouldn't be missed, it's... (can I say?) waterproof. Rubbing it once won't fade the color away, except if rubbing it with extra power kekekeks~ :p Thus, it's good for moslemah because when we're taking wudhu, we don't need to redraw our brows. Super yay!

Sorry I can't swatch the eyebrow pencil color onto my brows. I know my brows shape is something that is not interesting to see. Hehe...

That's all the review. Hope you guys have a blissful day ^-^


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