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Review: Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence and Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream

Assalamualaikum... :)


It's my skincare review with the result that sometimes surprises me. Hehe... Okay, I've been suffering trouble skin on which acne quickly come out and the acne scars would love to stay forever and make my face looks much more terrible. Hurah! >.< I'm missing my clear smooth face... :(

I have sensitive skin. When I take wudhu without cleansing, pimples will pleasantly come out. Why? I don't know the exact reason since I'm not a dermatologist or someone who really concern about skin. Nonetheless, I have my own assumption that when taking wudhu without makeup cleansing, the water gets mixed with all dirt and oil which then clog my pores. Thus, it's essential for me to wash off my face before ablution.

Here we go why I'm here to give a review of Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence and Steam Cream. These two products actually help me to recover my trouble skin.

Benton Snail Bee High Content contains three main ingredients, that recently hype in skincare products, which are snail mucin, bee venom, and syn-ake snake. Each of those main ingredients has different benefits. Snail mucin is used to improve skin texture, reduce acne and smooth the surface of the face. Then, bee venom is useful for scar removal, anti-bacterial so it can fight acne. Lastly, syn-ake snake has benefits in tightening and removing wrinkle. All Benton products have 8 free system: Paraben Free, Mineral Oil Free, Alcohol Free, Benzophenone Free, Steroid Free, Synthetic Perfume Free, Artificial Dyes Free, and Artificial Preservatives Free. Wow.

First off, I'm starting with the essence, Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence.
Benton Snail Bee High Content Essencein sachet
ingredients (only 3 chemical included)
As usual, I bought the sample size :D It's available in sample sachet which has 2 ml content. Two sachet can fill up 5 ml jar container. Generous amount for sachet...yayy! :D Five sachet which means 10 ml snail bee essence lasts for 3 weeks.

Red plastic pump bottle

content 60 ml
pump bottle

Benton Snail Bee essence has transparent gel consistency and no fragrance! Super duper transparent, clear, and plain. Of course, it's suitable for those who have sensitive skin and allergic to perfumed/fragrance skincare products. Since it's gel based essence, it doesn't give stickiness after applying on. I don't need to blend the formula on face like crazy because it's easily absorbed and has matte finish. This essence only has three chemical ingredients and contains 90% slime mucin instead of water.
Love! Nothing to be complained overall.


Let's go on to cream, Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream.

Again and again hehe, I also buy the sample size, 5 gr cream which lasts for 3 weeks. The 5 gr jar container has similar design with the full size jar, transparent red plastic jar.

Like the essence, Benton Snail Bee cream is also non-perfumed. The cream has light white texture, easy to be blended and doesn't leave any sticky feeling. It moisturizes the dry skin real well. Hoah. Speechless. Haha... :D

The result?

After using for 3 weeks, my skin improves and shows the better smooth skin. I had many small bumps on forehead and pimples are soooooooooo annoying. Even though Benton Snail Bee doesn't give significant result, but it's so much helpful. Small bumps that was mushrooming on forehead reduces, acne scars become less visible, and I feel my skin looks brighter and smoother. I have to say good bye to dry skin because the essence and cream moisturizes my skin deeply, yet it doesn't give any oily feeling. Sebum is well controlled. Pretty nice!

Omagah, I'm sick of looking my bad skin like that. But looking at the improvement is such the most pleasant satisfying feeling. lol~ The pics above show you the real result. I'm sorry for poor quality pics, but I wish you noticed the difference between before and after. Hehe...

Unfortunately, I decide to stop using Benton. If only I prolong the usage, I might have more satisfying result. Ohya, before I forget to tell you, I don't use Benton only. I also had multiple treatments like having homemade facial and other skincare products that might I review asap.

I've decided to switch my skincare regime to History of Whoo that offers more persuasive benefits and result. I've observed and made a little research about Whoo products. All I found is good reviews! Huge number of bloggers said that they're satisfied with Whoo. Therefore, I must try to repair my skin better.

Okay. That's the review of Benton Snail Bee essence and cream. Hope it's helpful. Bubye... ^-^

PS: For those who want to try the sample size, you can go to Korean Cosmetic N Skincare



I'd already tried History of Whoo (you can read the review here) and was disappointed with the result since my skin apparently didn't get along with these products.

Thus, I top it off that Benton is my holy grail skincare product. I love it for calming my vicious acne and reducing the appearance of scarring. Loooooove ♥


  1. wow.. glad to see your great improvement :) this make me thinking of trying the serum.. i've been using mizon snail cream till now and i thought i would be good if i combine benton serum and mizon cream? haha i know how greedy i am.
    anyway, cant wait to see your full skincare regimen. and i also been curios with the history of whoo skincare (or any other korean premium skincare line) but i read some of reviews that they do have some kind of purging stage in the first time of usage so i am a little bit afraid about that. and also the price is not really for a students like me hehe. but looking forward for your review of whoo as well..

  2. Beli samplenya dimana, tau ga? pen nyoba nih. tq

  3. hai sis, creamnya untuk dipake malem/siang ya?^^

  4. thanks for ur review, baru nyoba pakai 3 malem, so far jerawat lebih jinak ya :D semoga cocok ...

  5. kayaknya ga bisa say..
    kalo di aku dia ga ngefek ke komedo.
    dia lebih condong ke kulit bermasalah kayak jerawat gitu..

  6. Bagusan ini atau Mizon all in one repair ya? Aku kebanyakkan flek doank ;(

  7. I hope they will help you :) I have very sensitive acne prone skin too and I'm getting crazy with scars so I know your pain! But honestly you're having really cute face and beautiful smile so shouldn't concern too much about acne as it doesn't take away any of your cuteness :)



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