Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hijab Syar'i, Welcome... :)

Assalamualaikum... :)

So well, I've been wearing hijab for four months and what I feel is..."whoah, I love my hijab and I'm proud of my hijab."

The greatest blessing in life is to know Allah SWT and get His hidayah :)

I don't mean to brag, I just wanna share my happiness and happy news, indeed, that...I'm walking towards "Hijab Syar'i" :)

What is hijab syar'i? If I may give suggestion, go read a book entitled "Yuk Berhijab" by Ustadz Felix Siauw. It's a good book for both moslemah who haven't worn hijab yet and already wear hijab in order to complete her hijab to syar'i. This book explains the detail information regarding hijab syar'i and its stuffs.

Yuk Berhijab by Ustadz Felix Siauw

I know it's quite crucial because nowadays hijab fashion has been around, growing so fast, and becomes a great hype in Indonesia. Hijab fashion looks more attractive and nice, right? Yeah I admit it and as women, we tend to dress up nicely according fashion just to look stylish, fashionable, attractive, pretty, and etc in front of people. Hmm...let think it again and again. Is it okay to dress up just to get human judgment? Why don't we dress to get Allah's love? Should we replace our piety with fashion?

Thus, let's be an oasis in the midst of hijab fashion. Be a hijab syar'i muslim women. :)

More explanation can be got in Yuk Berhijab book :)

Hope we can improve our taqwa. Aamiin...



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