Friday, August 30, 2013

Trouble Skin and OST Vit C20 Serum Giveaway


Hola holaa, today I want to share my current skin condition.

I'm feeling disappointed with my skin condition which is very very bad. Maybe this time is my worst skin condition :( Acne is growing more and more often on my face, and one acne seems have nine lives! Once the zit dries, it emerges again, then I pop it out, again and again it grows. Huft..such an exhausting acne combat... The very moment I look at my face on mirror, this is the very scared moment, feeling upset, sad, whoah don't know how to describe my sadness. Moreover, even though I try to cover up the acne scars and blemishes with BB cream and concealer, they are still vividly visible. Not only acne scars, the redness around my nose also infuriates me. I don't want to purge my blackheads with acne needle anymore because it leaves the redness which I don't know when it disappears.. I promise! *crossed fingers*

No edited photo | my bare face
Bad acne scars! >.<

To recover and vanish all acne scars as well as prevent any acne, I have to choose the right skincare that is suitable for my oily->dry->sensitive skin. It's sad that I unsure with my skin type hiks. Now, I'm currently using Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence to keep my skin moiste. Next, my skincare package is on delivery, I'm going to try another skincare that suits me well.

Talking about skincare, people are raving about OST Vit C20 Serum which is originally from Korea and become a hit in Singapore because of its effectiveness of improving skin condition. When we hear about vitamin C serum, it must be a product to whiten the skin tone. Nonetheless, OST Vit C20 Serum has more benefits than that, which are revitalizing, removing the dead skin cell, whitening, pore tightening, recovering the trouble scar, and removing the blackhead. Unlike the other vitamin C serums which have 10-15% vitamin C, OST Vit C20 Serum has original pure 20% vitamin C. Yayy! Uhyeahhhhhhhh this serum sounds good and seems suitable for my skin!! I must try. Why? Because people have reviewed this serum and the result is very good. I think I should go for it and give it a try.

Unfortunately, this 30ml baby is quite expensive for me. Although it's pricey, I think the price is equal with the quality and result. However, for now, I can get it free by entering to win the giveaway hosted by Sparkle Apple. Fyi, OST Vit C20 Serum is holy grail product for Sparkle Apple blog owner, thus I believe this serum can recover my acne scar and improve my skin condition.

If you have the same problem with trouble and acne prone skin, you can try this serum and join the giveaway to win OST Vit C20 Serum here.

I wish I won this giveaway and made OS Vit C20 Serum as one of my skincare regime ^-^


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