Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review: Geo Lens CK-107


Annyeong ^-^

Today's review is going to be Geo circle lens. I'd checked the review about it on Google and there are huge numbers of CK-107's review, which means this circle lens is very popular and has high demand (best seller).

Geo lens CK-107

Origin: Korea

I couldn't more deny that CK-107 is very natural when worn and suitable for daily look. I actually prefer CK-105 (review here) and wanted to repurchase but the shop where I bought it had no stock, therefore I bought CK-107 for replacement. Even though CK-105 and CK-107 have different pattern, but both lens have solid black color and brings 'a bit' dolly look. 'A bit'? haha.. Let me get you the review, ladies.. ^-^

Water: content 42% | Diameter: 14.0 mm | Using period: 1 year

The pattern, for me, is like tornado. Haha..idk how to describe but the swirl is like thunder, tornado, or somewhat else :p About the enlargement, this lens seems to be very usual large. It doesn't enlarge the pupil because there's no circle outer lines that usually enlarge the size of pupil. Thus, I can say CK-107 is very very very very very natural lens, seems like I don't wear any lenses. Except for the solid black color, natural eyes have dark brown color, and solid black will make people aware of "are you wearing soft lens?" Kekekeks~ That's why this lens gives a lil bit dolly look, between natural of not wearing lenses and a lil bit enlargement from solid black color like the eyes of a doll.

See? Like no wearing lenses ^-^

Moreover about the comfort, I think most lenses have the same comfort, it just depends on our eyes and lenses condition. If my eyes has been adapting with this lens for hours, I feel like I'm not wearing lenses. However, the time right after putting on lens, it might be a bit dry and hurt, yeah like the most lenses used to be :p

Repurchase? Of course! I love Geo lens in CK series because of its natural color and pattern, also the inexpensive price. Kekekeks~

Okay, that's all the review. Hope you guys enjoy :*


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