Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Dreams

Assalamualaikum... :)

Hi everyone... :)

For those who haven't known yet that I had transformed my total look, yeah this is it. I'm already wearing hijab as my identity and to be honest, this is such a pleasant feeling wearing garments to cover up your body, from head to toe, from veil to socks. I feel comfortable and safe because hijab fully covers my beauty and explicitly reminds me to be a better person. I love my hijab :)

Since I've worn hijab, I have many dreams to achieve regarding hijab and its stuffs. What are they?

First of all, I want to make syar'i hijab apparel. Why? know what, I'm a petite girl and sometimes it takes so much time to look for wardrobe which fits on my body. Hijab is not only to cover our body, but it has to wide and does not show our shape of body. Nonetheless, wearing clothes and dresses that are too wide is quite bugging. From this point, I really want to make my hijab line and design the dress with full passion, true characteristics, and especially for petite girl like me, of course with a bit idealism in design kekeke :D

My characteristics? Yup! People around me might know my personality well and they understand the way I dress up before I wear hijab. I want to keep syar'i but I also desire my hijab talks more about my personality. If it should be compiled in five words, it might be.......cheerful, fun, doll-ish, colorful, and girly. Is it so me, huh? kekeke...

After hijab apparel, I want to create cosmetic line for hijabers (women who wear hijab). When I go traveling, I found many difficulties in praying. Okay, I'm the one who truly need base makeup to cover up my flaws like blemishes and redness, so well it's essential. Meanwhile, when I get wudhu (washing my parts of body before shalat), I'm afraid pimples emerge because the mixture of oil on face and water. Thus, I should have good prep before taking wudhu, like cleaning my face with make remover or facial scrub. Moreover, if I put on waterproof BB cream or concealer, face has to be cleaned completely. After wudhu and shalat? Re-put on my make up from the beginning step. And it takes five time a day. LOL. Exhausting, right?

Therefore, my future cosmetic line will help us who wear hijab to keep fresh and beautiful in any illumination. The important thing, we don't need to re-put on make up more and more. In my visions, there will be soft facial foam to remove any dirt and oil without any dry feeling afterward, then compact BB cream, waterproof eyeliner, tint lip balm with very soft colors, and many more (I think it more later kekeke).

The one I keep it in mind and it is very important that moslemahs have to prevent tabarruj. It is okay to put on make up, but is should be very thin and not show the beauty. Thus, my cosmetic line aims to keep face fresh and beautiful in super mega natural way. I think natural korean make up is suitable for hijaber but with the lesser color.

I actually have more dreams in mind but sometimes I wonder when I can build up them? I really really want to learn many new things and inspire the others. Many dreams...time to wake up and make them come true...


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