Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Between Pond's and Garnier


Today I'm gonna share about these two brands which can be found easily at markets and have inexpensive price, Pond's and Garnier, focusing on facial foam line. This is my personal honest experience, and I hope it can be useful for the readers.

I had been using Pond's facial foam/facial scrub for years and it was my best friend since I was in junior high school till the early 2012. Maybe Pond's should give me a reward as a loyal consumer lol :D At that time, early to middle 2012, I had super breakout and pimples emerged so fast. Thus, I decided to change my Pond's facial foam to Garnier Pure Active facial scrub. Why? Because at that time, Garnier offered promising ads haha..

Garnier Pure Active claims to fight against six signs of acne: acne, oil, blackhead, acne scar, large pores and redness. Look so promising, right? For months I'd been using it without realizing a new fact that this facial scrub dries out my face, except its work makes me unsatisfied. Acne still come and go with super bad scar left. obviously does not prevent acne. After thinking flashback, I realized Garnier Pure Active makes my face dry and flaky. Hyuu...moreover, I can say I excessively scrubbing when taking wudhu hehe... But it never occured when I used Pond's.

So? Yeah, Pond's is more suitable for my skin. I don't know, my face is used to be oily, then it becomes dry, and then finally becomes very sensitive. Acne is mushrooming on my face, therefore I go back to Pond's with a lil hope my face could be normal without dry skin, flake, and acne scars. Personally, oily skin is better than dry one because the oil keeps the skin young with its elasticity.

Thank you for reading, prettiest... ;)


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