Saturday, August 31, 2013

Time to Pamper My Skin


Hai lovelies, have you read my previous post about my current skin condition? If haven't, you should check it out. Hehe...

Aaaaand finally I bought beauty products again. Yayy! For months, my money had been going to hijab attire like maxi skirts, long dress, veils, and scarf. There was no chance to buy beauty products. But thank God, because of my bad breakout, I'm given a chance to strongly concern on my skin by buying some skincare products. When I looked up my pouch, there's no skincare product except a moisturizer. Shame... X)

Here is my skincare haul with some makeup products too. Hehe...can't live without taking a make-up XD

  • Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence
  • The Face Shop Blackhead Clay Nose Pack
  • The Face Shop Lovely me:ex Design My Eyebrow #1 Grey Brown
  • Elishacoy Always Baby BB Cream 5 ml
  • Indonesian traditional powder Bedak Saripohatji
  • Free sample Holika Holika Miracle Real Skin Finish

  • Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner 13 ml
  • Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence 5pcs sachet
  • Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream 5 ml
I decided to buy sample size because I want to test out which products that suit me best. I heard that we need 2 weeks prior to test out skincare products. If those brands are suitable for my skin, surely I'll go for them by buying the full size. If not, yeah, I should dare myself to try another brands.

I'll be reviewing the products asap ;)

Thanks for reading and have a nice day everybodeh :)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Trouble Skin and OST Vit C20 Serum Giveaway


Hola holaa, today I want to share my current skin condition.

I'm feeling disappointed with my skin condition which is very very bad. Maybe this time is my worst skin condition :( Acne is growing more and more often on my face, and one acne seems have nine lives! Once the zit dries, it emerges again, then I pop it out, again and again it grows. Huft..such an exhausting acne combat... The very moment I look at my face on mirror, this is the very scared moment, feeling upset, sad, whoah don't know how to describe my sadness. Moreover, even though I try to cover up the acne scars and blemishes with BB cream and concealer, they are still vividly visible. Not only acne scars, the redness around my nose also infuriates me. I don't want to purge my blackheads with acne needle anymore because it leaves the redness which I don't know when it disappears.. I promise! *crossed fingers*

No edited photo | my bare face
Bad acne scars! >.<

To recover and vanish all acne scars as well as prevent any acne, I have to choose the right skincare that is suitable for my oily->dry->sensitive skin. It's sad that I unsure with my skin type hiks. Now, I'm currently using Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence to keep my skin moiste. Next, my skincare package is on delivery, I'm going to try another skincare that suits me well.

Talking about skincare, people are raving about OST Vit C20 Serum which is originally from Korea and become a hit in Singapore because of its effectiveness of improving skin condition. When we hear about vitamin C serum, it must be a product to whiten the skin tone. Nonetheless, OST Vit C20 Serum has more benefits than that, which are revitalizing, removing the dead skin cell, whitening, pore tightening, recovering the trouble scar, and removing the blackhead. Unlike the other vitamin C serums which have 10-15% vitamin C, OST Vit C20 Serum has original pure 20% vitamin C. Yayy! Uhyeahhhhhhhh this serum sounds good and seems suitable for my skin!! I must try. Why? Because people have reviewed this serum and the result is very good. I think I should go for it and give it a try.

Unfortunately, this 30ml baby is quite expensive for me. Although it's pricey, I think the price is equal with the quality and result. However, for now, I can get it free by entering to win the giveaway hosted by Sparkle Apple. Fyi, OST Vit C20 Serum is holy grail product for Sparkle Apple blog owner, thus I believe this serum can recover my acne scar and improve my skin condition.

If you have the same problem with trouble and acne prone skin, you can try this serum and join the giveaway to win OST Vit C20 Serum here.

I wish I won this giveaway and made OS Vit C20 Serum as one of my skincare regime ^-^

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review: Geo Lens CK-107


Annyeong ^-^

Today's review is going to be Geo circle lens. I'd checked the review about it on Google and there are huge numbers of CK-107's review, which means this circle lens is very popular and has high demand (best seller).

Geo lens CK-107

Origin: Korea

I couldn't more deny that CK-107 is very natural when worn and suitable for daily look. I actually prefer CK-105 (review here) and wanted to repurchase but the shop where I bought it had no stock, therefore I bought CK-107 for replacement. Even though CK-105 and CK-107 have different pattern, but both lens have solid black color and brings 'a bit' dolly look. 'A bit'? haha.. Let me get you the review, ladies.. ^-^

Water: content 42% | Diameter: 14.0 mm | Using period: 1 year

The pattern, for me, is like tornado. Haha..idk how to describe but the swirl is like thunder, tornado, or somewhat else :p About the enlargement, this lens seems to be very usual large. It doesn't enlarge the pupil because there's no circle outer lines that usually enlarge the size of pupil. Thus, I can say CK-107 is very very very very very natural lens, seems like I don't wear any lenses. Except for the solid black color, natural eyes have dark brown color, and solid black will make people aware of "are you wearing soft lens?" Kekekeks~ That's why this lens gives a lil bit dolly look, between natural of not wearing lenses and a lil bit enlargement from solid black color like the eyes of a doll.

See? Like no wearing lenses ^-^

Moreover about the comfort, I think most lenses have the same comfort, it just depends on our eyes and lenses condition. If my eyes has been adapting with this lens for hours, I feel like I'm not wearing lenses. However, the time right after putting on lens, it might be a bit dry and hurt, yeah like the most lenses used to be :p

Repurchase? Of course! I love Geo lens in CK series because of its natural color and pattern, also the inexpensive price. Kekekeks~

Okay, that's all the review. Hope you guys enjoy :*

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Between Pond's and Garnier


Today I'm gonna share about these two brands which can be found easily at markets and have inexpensive price, Pond's and Garnier, focusing on facial foam line. This is my personal honest experience, and I hope it can be useful for the readers.

I had been using Pond's facial foam/facial scrub for years and it was my best friend since I was in junior high school till the early 2012. Maybe Pond's should give me a reward as a loyal consumer lol :D At that time, early to middle 2012, I had super breakout and pimples emerged so fast. Thus, I decided to change my Pond's facial foam to Garnier Pure Active facial scrub. Why? Because at that time, Garnier offered promising ads haha..

Garnier Pure Active claims to fight against six signs of acne: acne, oil, blackhead, acne scar, large pores and redness. Look so promising, right? For months I'd been using it without realizing a new fact that this facial scrub dries out my face, except its work makes me unsatisfied. Acne still come and go with super bad scar left. obviously does not prevent acne. After thinking flashback, I realized Garnier Pure Active makes my face dry and flaky. Hyuu...moreover, I can say I excessively scrubbing when taking wudhu hehe... But it never occured when I used Pond's.

So? Yeah, Pond's is more suitable for my skin. I don't know, my face is used to be oily, then it becomes dry, and then finally becomes very sensitive. Acne is mushrooming on my face, therefore I go back to Pond's with a lil hope my face could be normal without dry skin, flake, and acne scars. Personally, oily skin is better than dry one because the oil keeps the skin young with its elasticity.

Thank you for reading, prettiest... ;)

New Blog's Name


Yayy I finally changed my blog's name from Pinky Milky to Pretty Petite. Is there any philosophy behind this name? Umm...actually there's no mean story behind it, the reason why I choose 'Pretty Petite' is my small skinny body hehe..:D And I think short girl (like me) is the cutest nyahaha >w<

I hope this new name brings the goodness like my new whole look into hijab ;)


Hijab Alila longdress/gamis, unbranded shawl

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fresh Natural Makeup's Essentials for Muslim Women

Today's post is going to share the essentials to create fresh natural look for moslemah. When we meet people, I bet we need to dress up and make up just to look nice. For myself, I don't want to look shiny because of my oily face and dull, I need something to freshen up my face, embracing the real beauty inside for sure. Super thin makeup is acceptable, but remember to stay super mega natural for preventing tabarruj ;)

Okay, let's get started.

Firstly, prime your face. It is very important to moisturize your face even though you have oily skin. Choose moisturizer with SPF to keep you save from UVA and UVB. Too much exposed under the sun can cause premature wrinkles and burning/tanning. Otherwise, apply sunscreen for face for a better protection.

Then, this is optional, base makeup. The function is to make your makeup lasts longer. Some products of primer (base makeup) is to cover pores, redness, and blemishes, so it will help more to cover up any imperfections.

The vocal point to create flawless face is foundation and concealer. If foundation is felt a lil bit 'thick', choose BB cream instead, it has light texture and skincare function. To cover up blemishes or acne scars, concealer is magical tools. Not only that, concealer can hide dark circle under eyes. We don't want to look tired and puffy, rite? ;)

Set foundation/BB cream and concealer with powder to prevent smearing because of the heat in our tropical country.

Psstt... it's a secret. Add highlighter on some of areas in face like apples of cheek, forehead, ball of eyes, inner corner of eyes, cupid bow, and anywhere you need extra shine. Highlight your face totally freshen up your look, and get ready to say 'good bye' to dullness :p

Ohya, if you want to define your eyes, you can tight line your eyes with brown/grey eyeliner. Redefining brows is also optional. For me, it is appropriate darkening my brows to achieve a lil bit bold look because brows are frame of face.

Finish off with sheer lip balm. Choose lip balm with sheer color. To stay natural, better to choose pink or peach color. Nice healthy lips will bring good talking for you, ladies.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Dreams

Assalamualaikum... :)

Hi everyone... :)

For those who haven't known yet that I had transformed my total look, yeah this is it. I'm already wearing hijab as my identity and to be honest, this is such a pleasant feeling wearing garments to cover up your body, from head to toe, from veil to socks. I feel comfortable and safe because hijab fully covers my beauty and explicitly reminds me to be a better person. I love my hijab :)

Since I've worn hijab, I have many dreams to achieve regarding hijab and its stuffs. What are they?

First of all, I want to make syar'i hijab apparel. Why? know what, I'm a petite girl and sometimes it takes so much time to look for wardrobe which fits on my body. Hijab is not only to cover our body, but it has to wide and does not show our shape of body. Nonetheless, wearing clothes and dresses that are too wide is quite bugging. From this point, I really want to make my hijab line and design the dress with full passion, true characteristics, and especially for petite girl like me, of course with a bit idealism in design kekeke :D

My characteristics? Yup! People around me might know my personality well and they understand the way I dress up before I wear hijab. I want to keep syar'i but I also desire my hijab talks more about my personality. If it should be compiled in five words, it might be.......cheerful, fun, doll-ish, colorful, and girly. Is it so me, huh? kekeke...

After hijab apparel, I want to create cosmetic line for hijabers (women who wear hijab). When I go traveling, I found many difficulties in praying. Okay, I'm the one who truly need base makeup to cover up my flaws like blemishes and redness, so well it's essential. Meanwhile, when I get wudhu (washing my parts of body before shalat), I'm afraid pimples emerge because the mixture of oil on face and water. Thus, I should have good prep before taking wudhu, like cleaning my face with make remover or facial scrub. Moreover, if I put on waterproof BB cream or concealer, face has to be cleaned completely. After wudhu and shalat? Re-put on my make up from the beginning step. And it takes five time a day. LOL. Exhausting, right?

Therefore, my future cosmetic line will help us who wear hijab to keep fresh and beautiful in any illumination. The important thing, we don't need to re-put on make up more and more. In my visions, there will be soft facial foam to remove any dirt and oil without any dry feeling afterward, then compact BB cream, waterproof eyeliner, tint lip balm with very soft colors, and many more (I think it more later kekeke).

The one I keep it in mind and it is very important that moslemahs have to prevent tabarruj. It is okay to put on make up, but is should be very thin and not show the beauty. Thus, my cosmetic line aims to keep face fresh and beautiful in super mega natural way. I think natural korean make up is suitable for hijaber but with the lesser color.

I actually have more dreams in mind but sometimes I wonder when I can build up them? I really really want to learn many new things and inspire the others. Many dreams...time to wake up and make them come true...

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