Monday, April 29, 2013

Review: Tony Moly CatChu Wink Tony Tint

Miaww.. New liptint review... Today's liptint is going to be CatChu Wink Tony Tint by Tony Moly in #1 cherry pink. Yay! Pheww, finally I got the brand that I've never tried before. Next time I have to dare myself to buy another brands out of Etude House and Skinfood. Heheh... :p

Cat-head cap
in #1 cherry pink
the mess on bottle shows its watery substance
after blended. The color is still vivid and obviously can be used as blusher
stick on finger that is used to blend
I'm sorry for bad pic and lips ><

  1. Water consistency. Due to watery substance, the content is more generous (10 ml). Heheh..
  2. The color is superb intense. It's cherry pink color but if too much applied, the color turns out berry or purplish. So it's better to use finger to blend the tint so the color is not too vibrant since the remaining tint will stick on finger.
  3. Last-longer. That because the intensity, I think.
  4. This tint can be doubled up as blusher. Super yay! I love dual function beauty product ♥
  5. Cute packaging. Ohh.. the cat-head cap enthralls me the most >.<
  6. IDR 51,000 on Drolly Pop Shop

  1. The smell, all I can say, is more likely medicine. I may die every time I scent out the smell. 
  2. Makes lips a lil bit dry. I recommend reapply lipbalm after tint.

Btw, currently I realize I'm in love with Tony Moly. Idk, maybe because of the catchu wink series. Catchu wink pact powder will be my next Tony Moly, hopefully can purchase it asap. budget is always torn into fashion stuffs, beauty products, and another girl daily needs, so "dear money, please be patient to take your turn on another beauty products." Heheh.. :p

Thank you for reading and take care y'all :*



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