Friday, December 7, 2012

Review: Oriflame Visions Natural Retouch Concealer

I've been using this stick concealer about a year, ummm, maybe almost two years. Oriflame always gives inexpensive price so that is why at that time I bought this 'magical tool'. Visions Natural Retouch Concealer comes with tea tree extract and it's suitable to conceal acne as well as to recover it.

I'm sorry the packaging looks a bit messy because, as I explained before, I've been using it for almost two years. Mine is #2 dark secret in which it has two shades. I don't remember the name for #1 shade and I'm not sure that this concealer still exist or not since I've never looked at Oriflame catalog anymore.

The packaging is like a pen so we have to rotate the 'pen' to push the concealer out. I suggest to turn around the stick properly because once the stick concealer is out, we can't rotate it back to push it in. We don't want to broke the concealer, do we?

The texture is creamy. However, this concealer seems not to do the well job. I can say it can't cover up my blemishes very well and the formula is easily diminished when blended by finger. Moreover, it leaves sort of cakey on face so it looks unnatural then.


See? It's like there's no difference after blending the concealer. The concealer is gone right after blended. Fiuhh...

What I like:
  1. Super inexpensive
  2. Contain tea tree extract to fight against acne (yeahh even though I never know the effect on my acne since I rarely put on concealer)
What I dislike:
  1. Leaves cakey spots
  2. Super low coverage
  3. Can't stick on face well, easily disappear after blended

However, I should thank to this concealer because, inspite of low coverage, it still covers tiny blemishes and gives flawless face if seen far away :p Pssttt, it's my only one concealer after running out Maybelline concealer. I'm gonna buy the new one if I almost run out Visions stick concealer.

Bubye... ^^



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