Monday, November 5, 2012

Review: Revlon New Complexion Foundation Base

Haha how silly I was when I unexpectedly bought this product; in fact, I wanted to buy New Complexion Foundation but ended up buying the base because the tone blurred me out. Hehehe... Choosing the right shade of my skin tone becomes slightly difficult and worrying, since not only to find the perfect shade, but also to cover up my imperfections such blemishes, large pores, and etc. Well, I have to admit it that at that time I was quite stupid of not reading the full description on the bottle (it is in French, so well I'm not good in French T__T). Buuuttttttt, Revlon New Complexion Base is good even though I don't double it up with foundation because it can be used as foundation as well, yeah since it has shades; mine is 04 natural beige.

Revlon New Complexion Foundation Base
in #04 natural beige
35.5 ml
IDR 75,000

The bottle doesn't come with pumper, just like the normal bottle. So, we have to pour it out; and it's difficult to get the appropriate amount because we normally get much more amount than we desire *sigh*. I prefer to get small amount by touching lightly with fingertip and pinching, then tapping the base on all over my face. Small amount goes loooonnggg way... :D Consequently, this kind of bottle as well as the way I pinch the base doesn't keep the content hygiene :(

Oh ya, the texture is very liquid and, I can say, a bit greasy whereby to ease gliding the foundation layer over it. Putting on Revlon New Complexion foundation base alone without foundation is, once again, awesome because it evens out my complexion. And even though it has sheer texture, the coverage is good, I can say it's medium. It perfectly covers up tiny blemishes. A thing for sure, to prevent any shine and smearing I have to set my Revlon-foundation-based-face with powder. 
No SPF included, so I think it's not suitable for those who have activities outside a day long. The staying power is also awesome. The formula stays on face about 5-6 hours or even more (I never have putting make up more than 6 hours ;p)

Soooo, to sum it up, Revlon New Complexion Base is nice product, can be used as the actual base, and for me, also foundation. There's no regret being stupid anyway hehehe...but it's nicer if I get smarter hehehe...

Have a nice day, everyone... :*


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