Monday, November 26, 2012

Movie Blast with CosmoGIRL! Indonesia and Marina

I joined an event held by CosmoGIRL! Indonesia and Marina in Ambarukmo Plaza Jogja called Movie Blast in which we had a chance to watch a movie for FREE with another readers of CosmoGIRL! Indonesia and sahabat Marina. The movie is Breaking Dawn part 2 yayyy! Each person got two tickets so she had to invite her BFF to come together.

I'm sorry I couldn't capture the ambiance because I was enjoying the event. I easily answered the quiz and got prize, and listened carefully to discussions that day like the products of Marina and 2013 trend fashion. Even though I came alone, I really had much fun as I got many new friends there :)

I looove free stuff so that's why I was happy getting goodie bag from the event, and I was happier when I got prize on quiz section. Yayy... Hihi.. :D

Aaaannnddd, I got happier when I met Tara Amelz. Yayyy! If you're a reader of CosmoGIRL! Indonesia, you must know her ;) She's so beautiful in person ♥

Last but not least, watching Breaking Dawn part 2 for the first time was very challenging because my heart was beating fast when it came to the climax but then decreasing so damn fast as well in the ending~ well...such a relieving ending, you know?

This event is worth it! Besides of many FREE stuffs hehe... including free lunch and movie ticket, I've finally caught my confidence which had lost deep in myself. Hehe... Can't wait to join another event from CosmoGIRL! Indonesia! Thank you so much for CosmoGIRL! Indonesia and Marina. Muahhh :*


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