Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sabila Anata X Shoecorner

Those floral shoes are so cute, aren't it? Blue floral print with cute strap and complementary navy flatform. Can't resist for this one! Yayy! They're Shoecorner shoes!!! Wanna get them for FREE? Go traverse Sabila Anata blog. Don't forget to join due 3 December. Good luck and hope we win this SUPERB PRETTY Shoecorner flatform shoes! :*

Monday, November 26, 2012

Movie Blast with CosmoGIRL! Indonesia and Marina

I joined an event held by CosmoGIRL! Indonesia and Marina in Ambarukmo Plaza Jogja called Movie Blast in which we had a chance to watch a movie for FREE with another readers of CosmoGIRL! Indonesia and sahabat Marina. The movie is Breaking Dawn part 2 yayyy! Each person got two tickets so she had to invite her BFF to come together.

I'm sorry I couldn't capture the ambiance because I was enjoying the event. I easily answered the quiz and got prize, and listened carefully to discussions that day like the products of Marina and 2013 trend fashion. Even though I came alone, I really had much fun as I got many new friends there :)

I looove free stuff so that's why I was happy getting goodie bag from the event, and I was happier when I got prize on quiz section. Yayy... Hihi.. :D

Aaaannnddd, I got happier when I met Tara Amelz. Yayyy! If you're a reader of CosmoGIRL! Indonesia, you must know her ;) She's so beautiful in person ♥

Last but not least, watching Breaking Dawn part 2 for the first time was very challenging because my heart was beating fast when it came to the climax but then decreasing so damn fast as well in the ending~ well...such a relieving ending, you know?

This event is worth it! Besides of many FREE stuffs hehe... including free lunch and movie ticket, I've finally caught my confidence which had lost deep in myself. Hehe... Can't wait to join another event from CosmoGIRL! Indonesia! Thank you so much for CosmoGIRL! Indonesia and Marina. Muahhh :*

Friday, November 16, 2012

Nail Art Inspiration

Long weekend, ladies? Don't have any particular activities at home? So, why don't we play around with nails, nail polishes, and some creativity to make beautiful nails? Have a nice long weekend and yes, we can! :D

Image source: Pinterest/beauty department

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thesis, How Are You?

"Have you already graduated?" "When are you going to graduate?" These kind of questions are recently annoying for me. People around me often ask those questions and me, just get bored to answer because the answer is sooooo looooooooooooonnggggggg :D Besides, I've been feeling not satisfied with the institution I'm studying at, so it makes me more sad to answer their similar questions. The tail of this story becomes only *sigh* *sigh* and *sigh*

Well, to be honest, and this is actually the fact, that I'm not stupid or lazy student. I'm quite smart and my GPA is good, so what's wrong with my thesis then? I can say there's no significant progress of my thesis in 2012. In early 2012, in the end of March to be exact, I started to get my outline done. And you know what? I, oh "we", me and my friends in this batch, needed to wait for the announcement for 3 MONTHS, with heart beating up more and more day by day, and intensified my prayer, whether our outlines were approved or not. In June, the notification came out with the result most of outlines were approved; Alhamdulillah mine belonged to the approved ones. After that, I had to meet my examiners; first examiners and the second one. Successfully met my first examiner somehow couldn't make me happy at all because unfortunately, my second examiner was pregnancy-off and could immediately start to work on campus again in September. Wee... -______-

So, what did I do in waiting for 3 months? Nothing. I enjoyed my "everyday is holiday", played games (I played the same game over and over till I got three times winning -___-), and did whatever I thought interesting even though it's not important and, I can say, trashed activities, buuttttttt sometimes I checked my outline then searched for any related references which will be used later on.

September. My feeling blurred out between "I'm happy finally I will get my first thesis revision" and "Oh my, I almost forget what my thesis discuss about, and I'm enjoying my trashed activities now; I'm not ready for any serious thesis concern." Hahaha... However, finally I met my second examiner and got my first thesis guidance/consultation. And what? My thesis ought to be taken apart and I ought to make a new one with new discussion, purpose, and theories. Oh my.... *dizzy* Don't call me Monica if I couldn't do that in very short time! (yay *cheering myself up*). In a week, I get my revision done and handed it to my second examiner. 

Then, about two weeks later, I met her again to evaluate my paper-work. Done done done. A few days later I met her again to borrow book and asked anything that related to the major theme I'm working out. Two weeks later, I handed it until............................................ *death beep sound* Until I'm writing this post, I can't get my thesis guidance soon because my second examiner is off during this, next, two, three week(s). I don't know when I will met her again discussing my thesis. Please believe me, I need to get my proposal done and hold proposal presentation so I can continue my work on chapter 4~ the analysis.

Maybe I'm unwanted? Or well, I have to admit it, I'm stupid in analyzing data in literature? Or what?

I really get into my major theme I'm working out now, I enthusiastically do my thesis, I want to get into this deeper and deeper, and I enjoy doing this so much. But, the universe (read: examiners) seem unbalance. Yeah, I shouldn't have complained it because well, the lecturers in literature major are over-busy and the condition of the institution under my study seems to be facing the crucial terms (like this; like my/my friends cases).

All I can say is be patient. Even though, if there's no such obstacles like these, I probably graduate in December 2012 or March 2013. Now, struggling for March is almost impossible. It's already November and I've had thesis guidance only twice... *sigh* However, I still believe in God's power and will. He would make my ways easier and anything I've gone through this year, maybe, His way to teach me and to give rewards after all. Just keep going and FIGHTING~!

Review: Nymph Aura Volumer Etude House

One more thing to follow from brand of Etude House, jeng jeng jeng~ Nymph Aura Volumer #3 transparent water glow. Yayy!

Nymph Aura Volumer
swatch #3 transparent water glow

At first I didn't know about volumer, what is the function and why should we have this item in our makeup purse? To answer all my curiosity, so I decided to buy the sample size which is attached to the sample of Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit. I wanted to test out this volumer which, they say, could make our face shiny, glowing, and sparkling like Korean celebrities. Yeahh, sometimes I watch them and their face makeups look shiny and, when I glance it, a bit greasy and oily. Hehehe...

Nymph Aura Volumer #3 in sample sachet

My personal description:
  • The texture is like gel; thick and a bit sticky. When blended, it turns out greasy on skin yet leaves shine.
  • The color is transparent soft pink. No glitter or shimmer.
  • The scent is very chemical. Again, I love fragrance products. It's better to smell fragrance than something chemical. Hachim!
  • About staying power...ummm... I cannot make sure this because when it's applied on oily face, it becomes bias to say long-last or it's just oily face that becomes more oily (?) Hehehe... :p
  • It's used in 1:3 ratio with foundation or BB cream. We should mix it first with foundie or BB cream, to make shiny and glam base on face.
  • Nice product for those who want to get glam look. 

I think everyone need more proof about Nymph Aura Volumer, so here we go...
silly! :D

Did I look shiny? No? Yeahh, I think so... :D Because I used very tiny amount so, well, we can't see the shine and glow on my face. Forget about my failure, aaaannddddd have a nice day everyone... :*

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit

Hola ladies, this time I'm gonna reviewing Etude House BB cream~ Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit. Yayy... Since I've just been owning the sample sachet, I can't give any very loooong term result. But I can assure you, I give out trusted information about this BB cream based on what I've been enduring. My shade is W13 which is natural beige; Precious Mineral Bright Fit comes in four shades so it's quite easy to choose the right shade for our skin tone.

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit SPF30/PA++

sample size
shade W13 (natural beige)

The texture is liquid yet not too light, and very easy to be blended. The shade of natural beige is fairly dark in my opinion, but after blended it whitens so bad. That because it has SPF 30/PA++, anything which comes with high SPF (above SPF 15) will shadow white cast and it's not good in the picture. However, high SPF certainly needed for those who are exposed under the sun to protect from any harmful UV rays.

The scent is very chemical, not perfumed. Actually, I prefer fragrance BB cream because it calms me down while putting it on. Hehehe... The coverage is medium to high. It covers up blemishes quite well. And then the durability is 4-6 hours (just to remind you that I never put on make up more than 6-7 hours :p).


My personal opinion about this BB cream, well, I don't give any good impression at all because, OMG, it really whitens my face so it looks unnatural. That is why I prefer to use it as dark circle concealer and some areas like nose bridge, cheeks, and the gap between my brows to brighten and high-lighten up them. Haha... :D

So, I won't buy the full size. Hehehe... :p

Okay ladies, that's all the review, hope you enjoy~

PS. Ahaha...I almost forget to mention that this BB cream is waterproof so it helps me as moslem to get wudlu without cleansing off :p

Monday, November 5, 2012

Review: Revlon New Complexion Foundation Base

Haha how silly I was when I unexpectedly bought this product; in fact, I wanted to buy New Complexion Foundation but ended up buying the base because the tone blurred me out. Hehehe... Choosing the right shade of my skin tone becomes slightly difficult and worrying, since not only to find the perfect shade, but also to cover up my imperfections such blemishes, large pores, and etc. Well, I have to admit it that at that time I was quite stupid of not reading the full description on the bottle (it is in French, so well I'm not good in French T__T). Buuuttttttt, Revlon New Complexion Base is good even though I don't double it up with foundation because it can be used as foundation as well, yeah since it has shades; mine is 04 natural beige.

Revlon New Complexion Foundation Base
in #04 natural beige
35.5 ml
IDR 75,000

The bottle doesn't come with pumper, just like the normal bottle. So, we have to pour it out; and it's difficult to get the appropriate amount because we normally get much more amount than we desire *sigh*. I prefer to get small amount by touching lightly with fingertip and pinching, then tapping the base on all over my face. Small amount goes loooonnggg way... :D Consequently, this kind of bottle as well as the way I pinch the base doesn't keep the content hygiene :(

Oh ya, the texture is very liquid and, I can say, a bit greasy whereby to ease gliding the foundation layer over it. Putting on Revlon New Complexion foundation base alone without foundation is, once again, awesome because it evens out my complexion. And even though it has sheer texture, the coverage is good, I can say it's medium. It perfectly covers up tiny blemishes. A thing for sure, to prevent any shine and smearing I have to set my Revlon-foundation-based-face with powder. 
No SPF included, so I think it's not suitable for those who have activities outside a day long. The staying power is also awesome. The formula stays on face about 5-6 hours or even more (I never have putting make up more than 6 hours ;p)

Soooo, to sum it up, Revlon New Complexion Base is nice product, can be used as the actual base, and for me, also foundation. There's no regret being stupid anyway hehehe...but it's nicer if I get smarter hehehe...

Have a nice day, everyone... :*

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