Sunday, October 28, 2012

Review: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

I don't have much to say about SK-II FTE since I've been trying the 10 ml size bottle. This product is quite pricey to me, yeah it because SK-II is trusted skin care, known as miracle water, with its quality proved by the consumers around the globe. Nevertheless, that statement seems not belong to me. Hehe... Why? So let me tell you :D

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Content: 10 ml
Price: IDR 75.000

I bought the smallest size bottle of SK-II FTE on Hachi Dot Hachi. At first, I was insanely curious about this product because people always rave that SK-II FTE helps any skin problems, that it truly is miracle water called as pitera, that it removes or reduces any unwanted flaws fast, bla bla bla. be honest, those all statements attract me to buy and to try. 

Regardless, a couple of months ago I suffered the worst breakout ever, my oily skin turned out very dry and my skin cracked. That's my fault, to rinse off my face with facial foam about 5 times a day (every I get wudlu, I wash my face!). And dry skin is worse than oily skin, you know? Acne just mushroomed, seems like one died and the others emerged so fast. This was annoying and I was almost stress out this, I swear I hate acne, that because acne leaves dark spot which is hard to remove (I think I need years to make it back to normal T^T )

Then I came to SK-II Facial Treatment Essence with high expectation it would help to reduce my acne and annoying dark spots. People normally last this 10 ml bottle for a week, yeah I asked about it to the seller and she answered based on her consumer testimonials. But for me, 10 ml FTE is sufficient amount for three weeks!! Yeah, HAHA... :D I've been applying about two to three drops as my night regime, and sometimes in the morning if I don't have certain activities outside. HAHA...I know...I's super duper economical use, right? My personal opinion is each drop of FTE costs IDR 1000 lol. Huaaa...this product is just too expensive for normal student like me... T^T And two bottles of 10 ml FTE lasts for 6 weeks, yayyy! LOL.

The result? There's no significant change on my skin except my dry skin, finally, turned out oily again. Yeahh haha... Acne and dark spots? They still love to settle on my skin, even there are always active acne get emerge. So, what's wrong with me? Seem like I'm not suitable with this product. Am I the only one? Or I don't have adequate amount when it comes to get treatment? Or what? Huhu... T^T

Well, forget about my fail use. Back to the product. The texture of SK-II FTE is water, yeah like common water, but I can say it's a bit concentrated because after applying on face, I felt the weight of this water. People suppose that it is toner, but it's actually moisturizer in water form. The scent, well, is like sake (if I'm not wrong).

That's the review. Hope you enjoy~


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