Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review: Geo Lens CK-105

Hi everyone! Long time no post hehe... And now, I'm coming with my second circle lens: Geo CK-105 yayy! All of you might familiar with this kind of lens because it's one of best-seller products of Geo lens.

Geo lens CK-105

Power: normal - min. 10
Diameter: 14 mm
Disposal: a year
Origin: Korea
Price: IDR 85.000

It has solid black color with very simple motif so it's perfect for those who really want to achieve natural yet dolly eyes. I can assure you that this lens is super duper natural even though the black color is somehow too intense for them who notice your eyes. Hehe... To be honest, CK-105 doesn't enlarge your eyes totally big like a doll, yeah it a bit enlarges but not that much. If you want dolly look, you can add bold line on your eyes to open it up more.

About the comfort, it's totally comfortable to wear (if only you keep it hygiene) as I worn for two days without putting off and lubricant! (I swear your eyes need to breathe hehe and don't try to follow my wrongdoings :">). Ahh... I've just falling in love with this lens since I bought it four months ago. The look is appropriate with my Javanese face, not too baggy yet sophisticated like Korean girl hihi :D I top it off with high recommendation to try Geo CK-105 for natural yet dolly eyes. Muahh :*

no flash
with flash

Softlens House Geo CK-105



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