Friday, October 26, 2012

Review: Color Me Nude Lip Concealer Etude House

Yayy another review to go ladies... ;) Haha I know that there are plenty reviews about lip concealer from Etude House but I'm gonna to be reviewing this product based on my perspective.

This lip concealer even outs the redness in lips, creating a smooth and neutral surface for long-lasting lipstick application.

4,5 gr
IDR 58.000 on Femmeliciouz Galleries

 The texture is creamy and can be easily blended by finger. In my opinion, finger is the best tool at blending compared with lip brush or direct application. Using lip brush just makes the rest of concealer sticks on the brush and direct application doesn't give smooth and even texture on lips. 

To have maximum result, you have to do certain treatment to your lips such as exfoliating or applying generous amount of lip balm to make your lips smooth like baby's butt (oops!). I suggest you to layer lip concealer over the lip balm to glide the concealer on easier.

However, we seems actually don't need to put extra effort to use lip concealer without chapped lips because this Color Me Nude lip concealer has upgraded with the new one featuring lip balm-function. Hehe... Innisfree has lip balm concealer as well, fyi.

Aaanndd...I should thank Color Me Nude lip concealer because it helps me to reduce any dark sides of my lips which is very dark upper and the outer ones. One more thing to note is we need super lustrous lipstick to make our concealed-lips stay healthy and to prevent the crack to your lips. Yeahh, lip concealer also makes your lipstick application stay longer and the original color of lipstick gives more pop.

haha I know I look weird ;p
So, that's the review. Hope you enjoy~ muahh :*


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