Sunday, October 28, 2012

Review: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

I don't have much to say about SK-II FTE since I've been trying the 10 ml size bottle. This product is quite pricey to me, yeah it because SK-II is trusted skin care, known as miracle water, with its quality proved by the consumers around the globe. Nevertheless, that statement seems not belong to me. Hehe... Why? So let me tell you :D

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Content: 10 ml
Price: IDR 75.000

I bought the smallest size bottle of SK-II FTE on Hachi Dot Hachi. At first, I was insanely curious about this product because people always rave that SK-II FTE helps any skin problems, that it truly is miracle water called as pitera, that it removes or reduces any unwanted flaws fast, bla bla bla. be honest, those all statements attract me to buy and to try. 

Regardless, a couple of months ago I suffered the worst breakout ever, my oily skin turned out very dry and my skin cracked. That's my fault, to rinse off my face with facial foam about 5 times a day (every I get wudlu, I wash my face!). And dry skin is worse than oily skin, you know? Acne just mushroomed, seems like one died and the others emerged so fast. This was annoying and I was almost stress out this, I swear I hate acne, that because acne leaves dark spot which is hard to remove (I think I need years to make it back to normal T^T )

Then I came to SK-II Facial Treatment Essence with high expectation it would help to reduce my acne and annoying dark spots. People normally last this 10 ml bottle for a week, yeah I asked about it to the seller and she answered based on her consumer testimonials. But for me, 10 ml FTE is sufficient amount for three weeks!! Yeah, HAHA... :D I've been applying about two to three drops as my night regime, and sometimes in the morning if I don't have certain activities outside. HAHA...I know...I's super duper economical use, right? My personal opinion is each drop of FTE costs IDR 1000 lol. Huaaa...this product is just too expensive for normal student like me... T^T And two bottles of 10 ml FTE lasts for 6 weeks, yayyy! LOL.

The result? There's no significant change on my skin except my dry skin, finally, turned out oily again. Yeahh haha... Acne and dark spots? They still love to settle on my skin, even there are always active acne get emerge. So, what's wrong with me? Seem like I'm not suitable with this product. Am I the only one? Or I don't have adequate amount when it comes to get treatment? Or what? Huhu... T^T

Well, forget about my fail use. Back to the product. The texture of SK-II FTE is water, yeah like common water, but I can say it's a bit concentrated because after applying on face, I felt the weight of this water. People suppose that it is toner, but it's actually moisturizer in water form. The scent, well, is like sake (if I'm not wrong).

That's the review. Hope you enjoy~

Saturday, October 27, 2012

How To Make Up Etude House

I don't know why I'm currently into Korean make up style a.k.a ulzzang. Maybe, first because I'm a huge fan of Girls' Generation in which anything they're wearing is instantly enamored me to have the same things. Hehe... No bold color eye make up, just shimmering and bling bling; no crazy lip color, almost nude everytime; and flawless face is the pivotal point. And these make up tutorial from Etude House, moreover, makes me fall to addiction in ulzzang~and of their products as well :p Something I learned from those tutorials is make up is such a magical secret to turn out 'zombie face' becomes 'princess face'. Looove this! ♥

Friday, October 26, 2012

Review: Color Me Nude Lip Concealer Etude House

Yayy another review to go ladies... ;) Haha I know that there are plenty reviews about lip concealer from Etude House but I'm gonna to be reviewing this product based on my perspective.

This lip concealer even outs the redness in lips, creating a smooth and neutral surface for long-lasting lipstick application.

4,5 gr
IDR 58.000 on Femmeliciouz Galleries

 The texture is creamy and can be easily blended by finger. In my opinion, finger is the best tool at blending compared with lip brush or direct application. Using lip brush just makes the rest of concealer sticks on the brush and direct application doesn't give smooth and even texture on lips. 

To have maximum result, you have to do certain treatment to your lips such as exfoliating or applying generous amount of lip balm to make your lips smooth like baby's butt (oops!). I suggest you to layer lip concealer over the lip balm to glide the concealer on easier.

However, we seems actually don't need to put extra effort to use lip concealer without chapped lips because this Color Me Nude lip concealer has upgraded with the new one featuring lip balm-function. Hehe... Innisfree has lip balm concealer as well, fyi.

Aaanndd...I should thank Color Me Nude lip concealer because it helps me to reduce any dark sides of my lips which is very dark upper and the outer ones. One more thing to note is we need super lustrous lipstick to make our concealed-lips stay healthy and to prevent the crack to your lips. Yeahh, lip concealer also makes your lipstick application stay longer and the original color of lipstick gives more pop.

haha I know I look weird ;p
So, that's the review. Hope you enjoy~ muahh :*

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Photo Spamming

Today's having fun. Hehe...

Review: Geo Lens CK-105

Hi everyone! Long time no post hehe... And now, I'm coming with my second circle lens: Geo CK-105 yayy! All of you might familiar with this kind of lens because it's one of best-seller products of Geo lens.

Geo lens CK-105

Power: normal - min. 10
Diameter: 14 mm
Disposal: a year
Origin: Korea
Price: IDR 85.000

It has solid black color with very simple motif so it's perfect for those who really want to achieve natural yet dolly eyes. I can assure you that this lens is super duper natural even though the black color is somehow too intense for them who notice your eyes. Hehe... To be honest, CK-105 doesn't enlarge your eyes totally big like a doll, yeah it a bit enlarges but not that much. If you want dolly look, you can add bold line on your eyes to open it up more.

About the comfort, it's totally comfortable to wear (if only you keep it hygiene) as I worn for two days without putting off and lubricant! (I swear your eyes need to breathe hehe and don't try to follow my wrongdoings :">). Ahh... I've just falling in love with this lens since I bought it four months ago. The look is appropriate with my Javanese face, not too baggy yet sophisticated like Korean girl hihi :D I top it off with high recommendation to try Geo CK-105 for natural yet dolly eyes. Muahh :*

no flash
with flash

Softlens House Geo CK-105

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