Friday, August 10, 2012

We Can Make A Change for Street Children

I bet you've already seen street children who live and work on the street being, for instance, beggars and street singers (pengamen). What did you feel when you saw them in a mess and tacky clothes like untreated? Sympathy? Definitely! In their age, they would have studied in school, learning math, science, language, etc but the reality forces them to work and survive in this hard life. They might have a million reason why they work by begging money to people sitting on the back of drive. The fact is about 230 million of street children are do exist in Indonesia.

Poverty is certainly the major reason why there are so many street children scattered in every single area. And we know government has been doing with its role to minimize the amount of street children, and the foundations that handle and concern about street children have been tackling them to get the better life. However, not every foundation can continuously help because they said they had faced obstacles, including from government. Yeah, government has so many job desks that sometimes, somehow, makes them slow to respond and handle.

We as youth generation should help, though we're not wealthy enough to help. But honey, don't worry be happy, there are so many ways to help, even in simple one. See this: Happiness is better when shared. Do agree! Yayy ♥

So these are the following ways to help street children. Which one you can do the most?
  1. Add street children as your prayer list. This is the simplest one. Even though all we can do just pray for them, it means you care and give out sympathy. A small prayer gives a massive impact if we keep our faith to God.
  2. Give money. Whenever or wherever you meet street children, give them money as you can. No matter how much the amount, it helps them a lot. But if you're wealthy, it will be better to give much more ;)
  3. In Holy Month Ramadhan, breakfast together or sahur on the road. This is the month when we can gain many blessings, so helping street children by giving meals for breakfasting or sahur would be double happiness, both for us and them. We get blessing and they're helped (happy, indeed).
  4. Educate. Feels no wealthy enough to give money? Don't worry! Put yourself to help them by teaching common lessons like reading, writing, english, and so on. To me, it's more than money and more valuable when you put effort to educate them.
  5. Give (thrift or new) clothes. If you have many no longer-used clothes, give it to them. You'll see how happy they are getting good clothes. I think I'd be happy seeing they smile :)
  6. Give scholarship. Never go wrong with spending money to help continue their studies if you have much more pounds to share (if you're entrepreneur or wealthy one).

Hope we all can help street children to get better life.. Amin :)


  1. Wow Monica, this is a very important post ><
    I've never seen street children where I live, but it's really saddening to know that they're out there. I'd love to help as well!
    Do you know of any charities to which I can donate? I don't live in Indonesia, so I'm not really familiar with any special groups.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention :)



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