Friday, August 10, 2012

Kawaii Themes for Blackberry

I decided to change header font and background that is totally cute (oh my gosh, I'm sure screaming whenever I see cute or kawaii stuffs aaaaaaaa). Ah ya, a few days ago I bought kawaii theme for blackberry and cute fonts. All kawaii themes can't be resisted, you know. They sell a lot of kawaii themes, and cute and korea fonts. I bet you'll be confused to choose, or maybe you wanna pick all? Hehe...You can buy them here.  No pictures mean hoax? So here you go... :)

Almost sahur time. Hoaammm, I've been working with html code and couldn't get some sort of it. Tiring but fun, looking the result that's incredibly ahh cute... *melting* LOL. See you on next post muah :*


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