Monday, August 13, 2012

Blooming Heart

Those are my July's purchase except the green one, given by my mom. Loooooove floral top! The floral print reminds me of.... oops! If you're a fan of UP shoes, you may come to the... yes, Claire Vintage Floral. Unfortunately, it's gone before giving a chance for me to buy (should I regret of missing this pretty pair of shoes right after buying flatform? T^T) Hehe... Oya, I bought this floral top on Berrybenka and I got Ramadhan surprise gift (IDR 50K shopping voucher). Yayy! Happy :)

TGIFashion floral top bought on Berrybenka
Kumickey Littlecloset collar shirt
given by mom
unbranded short skirt
Buying that polkadot short skirt is my first and might be the last mistake I made in online shopping. Next time, I should think twice before placing order and sometimes the product worn by the model is more attractive than the real one. From this I'm starting to buy local brand products, stating that higher the price better quality you get. No more easily enamored by cheap price that, sometimes, doesn't guarantee the product is good.

Have a nice day, everyone.. :)



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