Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hair Accessories

Here are some ideas to 'decorate' your hair with sweet accessories that make you look stunning. All the things about flower is inevitable vintage stuffs that should be owned by you all gorgeous ladies. Just like in fairy tale when you're wearing flower crown, ahh that's so fantastic... Hihihi... :D

I love it the most

Image source: The Beauty Department

 If you're looking for flower accessories, go check Allura for various kinds of flower hairclip, headband, necklace, and many more. I assure you'll be in love browsing the site, it's all about flower and aaaaaaaaaaaaaa get ready for drooling over. Yayy :p

Monday, August 13, 2012

Blooming Heart

Those are my July's purchase except the green one, given by my mom. Loooooove floral top! The floral print reminds me of.... oops! If you're a fan of UP shoes, you may come to the... yes, Claire Vintage Floral. Unfortunately, it's gone before giving a chance for me to buy (should I regret of missing this pretty pair of shoes right after buying flatform? T^T) Hehe... Oya, I bought this floral top on Berrybenka and I got Ramadhan surprise gift (IDR 50K shopping voucher). Yayy! Happy :)

TGIFashion floral top bought on Berrybenka
Kumickey Littlecloset collar shirt
given by mom
unbranded short skirt
Buying that polkadot short skirt is my first and might be the last mistake I made in online shopping. Next time, I should think twice before placing order and sometimes the product worn by the model is more attractive than the real one. From this I'm starting to buy local brand products, stating that higher the price better quality you get. No more easily enamored by cheap price that, sometimes, doesn't guarantee the product is good.

Have a nice day, everyone.. :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Braided Hair Ideas

Braided hair is playful hairstyle that's perfect for any occasion. You can braid your hair into regular, french, fish, waterfall, or twist braid. Style your hair as pretty as possible, and don't forget to put accessory on like hair-clip or headband  to sweeten your look or just keep it simple.

Image source: The Beauty Department

Hijab Tutorial

Let me guess that you all the hijabers want to be pretty with hijab on Lebaran day. Is that true? Hehe... I give you hijab tutorial playing around with inner ninja, pashmina, scarf, and shawl. And I wish we looked pretty with hijab on Holy day. Yayy!


To find out more, click HijUp tutorial video on YouTube.

Good luck! ;)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Make Up Brushes

Yayy these are make up brushes!

Image source: Pinterest

The Turban

Feel bad hair day? Here is the solution, TURBAN. What you need is only a square scarf.

How to tie a turban (Image source: Pinterest)
  1. Fold the scarf into triangle
  2. Pick the pointy edge of the scarf in front of the head
  3. Grab both ends of the scarf and bring them to the front
  4. Tie the knot in front of the head
  5. Take the loose ends and bring them into the back
  6. Tie them in double knots
  7. Suck the knot into the turban to hide any looseness
  8. Voila! The fashionable turban is ready to cheer up your day ♥

Online Webstores

Lebaran day is coming and people usually prepare all the things to welcome Idul Fitri, including to buy new clothes. Yayy! Here I give you recommendation to go online shopping if you don't intend to waste your energy by getting around mall or department store.

  1. Berrybenka
  2. Scallope
  3. Localbrand.co.id
  4. HijUp
  5. Zalora

Happy shopping, ladies... ;)

Friday, August 10, 2012


Yayy! Finally I found pink polkadot background!!! Photobucket

Well, I'm currently into polkadot and this is what I want though actually I love the previous one, yellow-speckled orange. Both are cute!!! Photobucket

We Can Make A Change for Street Children

I bet you've already seen street children who live and work on the street being, for instance, beggars and street singers (pengamen). What did you feel when you saw them in a mess and tacky clothes like untreated? Sympathy? Definitely! In their age, they would have studied in school, learning math, science, language, etc but the reality forces them to work and survive in this hard life. They might have a million reason why they work by begging money to people sitting on the back of drive. The fact is about 230 million of street children are do exist in Indonesia.

Poverty is certainly the major reason why there are so many street children scattered in every single area. And we know government has been doing with its role to minimize the amount of street children, and the foundations that handle and concern about street children have been tackling them to get the better life. However, not every foundation can continuously help because they said they had faced obstacles, including from government. Yeah, government has so many job desks that sometimes, somehow, makes them slow to respond and handle.

We as youth generation should help, though we're not wealthy enough to help. But honey, don't worry be happy, there are so many ways to help, even in simple one. See this: Happiness is better when shared. Do agree! Yayy ♥

So these are the following ways to help street children. Which one you can do the most?
  1. Add street children as your prayer list. This is the simplest one. Even though all we can do just pray for them, it means you care and give out sympathy. A small prayer gives a massive impact if we keep our faith to God.
  2. Give money. Whenever or wherever you meet street children, give them money as you can. No matter how much the amount, it helps them a lot. But if you're wealthy, it will be better to give much more ;)
  3. In Holy Month Ramadhan, breakfast together or sahur on the road. This is the month when we can gain many blessings, so helping street children by giving meals for breakfasting or sahur would be double happiness, both for us and them. We get blessing and they're helped (happy, indeed).
  4. Educate. Feels no wealthy enough to give money? Don't worry! Put yourself to help them by teaching common lessons like reading, writing, english, and so on. To me, it's more than money and more valuable when you put effort to educate them.
  5. Give (thrift or new) clothes. If you have many no longer-used clothes, give it to them. You'll see how happy they are getting good clothes. I think I'd be happy seeing they smile :)
  6. Give scholarship. Never go wrong with spending money to help continue their studies if you have much more pounds to share (if you're entrepreneur or wealthy one).

Hope we all can help street children to get better life.. Amin :)

Kawaii Themes for Blackberry

I decided to change header font and background that is totally cute (oh my gosh, I'm sure screaming whenever I see cute or kawaii stuffs aaaaaaaa). Ah ya, a few days ago I bought kawaii theme for blackberry and cute fonts. All kawaii themes can't be resisted, you know. They sell a lot of kawaii themes, and cute and korea fonts. I bet you'll be confused to choose, or maybe you wanna pick all? Hehe...You can buy them here.  No pictures mean hoax? So here you go... :)

Almost sahur time. Hoaammm, I've been working with html code and couldn't get some sort of it. Tiring but fun, looking the result that's incredibly ahh cute... *melting* LOL. See you on next post muah :*

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