Monday, June 4, 2012

First Impression Review: AC Clinic White-Trouble Essencializer Etude House

I bought this sample in sachet just wanna know more about AC Clinic series. Essencializer is not aimed to cure or "wash away" your acne, but it'd rather to care your skin, preventing any future acne. Moreover, it's claimed as moisturizer and emulsion in one.

The texture is like usual cream but not thick, while the scent is, for me, similar to cajuput oil or "balsem". The formula doesn't leave greasy oily feeling, matte. And so far I can't give any long term review since I just use the sample size.

Wanna buy the full size? Mmm, no! That because I concern to reduce blemishes rather than preventing acne.

Bubyee... :*


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