Monday, June 11, 2012

An Expert in Hobbies

Hi dollies, how was your weekend? Had much fun with your beloved ones, yes? Hopefully, YES! :)

By the way, how long have you been blogging? And what kind of information that you give on your blog? Is there any specification you belong to?

Right, I've been blogging officially since 2008 when I was in Senior High School on which blog is a media for me to reveal all the things that came to my mind and thought. In short, blog is diary. Time flies by and I found that beauty and fashion are my passions, then it transformed my blog to the beauty ones which I reviewed cosmetic and skincare products the most in. My interest in fashion, even though I've been not doing any photo shoots for "daily style" on blog, I'm just doing it well and happily.

I realized that I'm not an expert in both fashion and beauty, neither a fashionista nor beauty guru. I don't take fashion or beauty as my major, it's just a hobby to live life. Yeah, just that simple because it happens as an interest, and by doing so, I feel that doing the things which considerably interesting is the way to flee from boredom, make me happy, and the point is it's productive positive activity.

I can't figure out the "theory" about fashion, about how to mix and match colors, patterns, layers, and so on. I'm happy with the way I dress, and so far I comfort and confident with the outfits I take everyday. By being confident, though your look is weird and not eye-catchy, you just do the outfit goes well with you all the way. No matter what people say about you, you're beautiful and stylish in your ways and you're not doing sinful deeds as long as you're not bothering them with the negative ones. And, I like to try out many beauty products, that's why I like to review them as well just to inform you the readers, in case helping you to buy the right products for yours.

Fashion and beauty is basically about colors and patterns, right? As if we're painting a beautiful object with various colors which colors life. Something colorful is fun, isn't it? From now on, if you have skills and ability in certain field, do it by heart in depth. You know, skill is not the thing that can be bought, so it's worthwhile and you're born with it :)



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