Thursday, May 24, 2012

Splashy "Loony" Me

Fashion is a thing that has close relation to the girls and normally it flows by its trend. However, following the trend might be expensive and fashion essentially doesn't make you broke if you're aware and quite smart of dressing. You don't always follow the trend because your own style is unique and stylish if you're confident with what you wear.

Dollies, I've been in love wearing and playing around with tights. It's very comfy, not like thick jeans that I hate to put on. Tights have various colors and it's best match with mini dress, mini skirt, and over-all. I see, some people might not be familiar with tights and they might see me as a weirdo. Yeahh, it's the true story of mine. Hahaha. They looked at me as if I were an alien, then in campus people always said I'm a cherribelle. Haha :D

Never mind with people might say about me, I'm truly comfortable and confident with what I'm wearing so I don't feel the need to bother. It's me, it's my style, and it's who I am; people have their versatile style and we extremely need to show respect toward them. Once more, the key is you're confident with the way you dress :)

PS: The pictures were taken by phone camera so the quality is poor :(

Shoes The Little Things She Needs Metrox
Shoes Wondershoe

Heels UP
Bag Mayonette
Wedges UP


  1. I love all of your outfits!! Especially the first dress :)



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