Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review Updated: Etude House Mini Size U Gift Set

Hello, holla, hup! :D I'm coming with my old skincare product, gorgeous dolls, with a long term result review as well. People say that it's important testing out skincare products two weeks prior, and voila I've been seriously keeping my eyes on my own face for almost three weeks with ~~ ahh let me get the second review of it right now :p (first review was done)

left: emulsion | right: astringent

You're gonna get 15ml emulsion, 20ml astringent, and cotton pads. Believe me, those tiny amount is sufficient to feed your skin for months. I had a suspension of using this skincare because at that time I thought it didn't work well for me, my sloth either. Then I tried to use it again wishing it could cure my large pores that causes sebum on all over my face when going through the day with make up on and harmful sun rays.

And yes, I've been using the emulsion and astringent for almost three weeks, keeping it in my beauty diary to get the flow how my skin has been changing from the early week until now. Unlike my first review that was written based on my first impression, this second one I just try to make sure the power of Mini Size U to minimize the larges pores works or not (for me).

It doesn't have whitening effect. Sorry for the mismatching light
Every night I use both emulsion and astringent regularly before going to the bed. The emulsion is not that greasy, but if you get greasy oily feeling, you can neutralize it with the astringent. I promise, the astringent makes you feel fresh. Moreover, the rice wine scent is so calming, not strong, not soft, just so so; to me, proportional scent. I like it. About the cotton pads, a reader of my blog told me to use it for applying the astringent. Oh thank you doll for the information ;) But I like to spray it directly onto face, or hand then tap the formula on. Yeahh, I don't want to waste the rest of astringent if I use cotton pad :p

The results: oh please, this lovely skincare product just nice in packaging but I'm still busy with my oily skin. You know, the pores just produce sebum as much as before using Mini Size U during break period. Or perhaps it doesn't work because I don't veil my face properly so it's rubbed off by the pillow. However, I'd like to use this skincare product until it run out. Maybe I need more time to prolong the formula of both emulsion and astringent so I will get the best definite results. You see that skincare product is all about how skin is 'worthy' to yours, to mine.

Time to sleep, dollies. Bubye... Whuuzzzz *flying*


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