Saturday, May 19, 2012

May Shows You The Haul

Hi gorgeous dolls, I'm gonna show you my May haul yayy! :) Not that much but it's a lil bit pricey >_<'! Aaannndddd it might be controversial ~ for my friends around ~ that I'm gonna change my whole appearance in the right time. Are you curious? So read it till the end ;p

First, I bought a set of Wakilala Bright Up Essence and Clear Wash for IDR 200K on Gerai Parfum. Comparing with another online shop, it offers much cheaper a set of Wakilala, so I love it! ♥ Moreover, it gave me free sample of Skinfood Fresh Apple Mild Pore Peeling Gel. Soooo happy! :D

Wakilala Clear Wash and Bright Up Essence

I love the cartoon girl ;)

For those who haven't known about Wakilala yet, let me in acquaint it to you dolls. Wakilala is Japan body skincare brand which concern to armpit problems. Yeahh, such a shame that a girl has dark armpit so she (oh okay she's me) can't wear sleeveless clothes >_< However, I might thanks Wakilala for helping me brighten up my dark armpit (hopefully it works well like Wakilala promises and the reviews swarming on internet hehe)

Then I got a beautiful flowery shawl gray stone in this May from Myzeekha that is aimed for hijab style. Please support me, I truly wanna wear hijab as daily outfit and I will start it all over by assembling many more shawls and jilbab also moslem clothes. Here is a brief look of mine wearing hijab ;p At first my bf said I was not suitable for hijab look but in the end he likes it hehe. Just compare it when I have my crown (hair I mean). Which one do you like the most? :p


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