Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review Updated: Etude House Mini Size U Gift Set

Hello, holla, hup! :D I'm coming with my old skincare product, gorgeous dolls, with a long term result review as well. People say that it's important testing out skincare products two weeks prior, and voila I've been seriously keeping my eyes on my own face for almost three weeks with ~~ ahh let me get the second review of it right now :p (first review was done)

left: emulsion | right: astringent

You're gonna get 15ml emulsion, 20ml astringent, and cotton pads. Believe me, those tiny amount is sufficient to feed your skin for months. I had a suspension of using this skincare because at that time I thought it didn't work well for me, my sloth either. Then I tried to use it again wishing it could cure my large pores that causes sebum on all over my face when going through the day with make up on and harmful sun rays.

And yes, I've been using the emulsion and astringent for almost three weeks, keeping it in my beauty diary to get the flow how my skin has been changing from the early week until now. Unlike my first review that was written based on my first impression, this second one I just try to make sure the power of Mini Size U to minimize the larges pores works or not (for me).

It doesn't have whitening effect. Sorry for the mismatching light
Every night I use both emulsion and astringent regularly before going to the bed. The emulsion is not that greasy, but if you get greasy oily feeling, you can neutralize it with the astringent. I promise, the astringent makes you feel fresh. Moreover, the rice wine scent is so calming, not strong, not soft, just so so; to me, proportional scent. I like it. About the cotton pads, a reader of my blog told me to use it for applying the astringent. Oh thank you doll for the information ;) But I like to spray it directly onto face, or hand then tap the formula on. Yeahh, I don't want to waste the rest of astringent if I use cotton pad :p

The results: oh please, this lovely skincare product just nice in packaging but I'm still busy with my oily skin. You know, the pores just produce sebum as much as before using Mini Size U during break period. Or perhaps it doesn't work because I don't veil my face properly so it's rubbed off by the pillow. However, I'd like to use this skincare product until it run out. Maybe I need more time to prolong the formula of both emulsion and astringent so I will get the best definite results. You see that skincare product is all about how skin is 'worthy' to yours, to mine.

Time to sleep, dollies. Bubye... Whuuzzzz *flying*

Monday, May 28, 2012

Review: Skinfood Fresh Apple Mild Pore Peeling Gel

I got the sample when I shopped on GeraiParfum and I was superb excited to use the peeling gel then review it. Yes, I had used it for several times in which it's my very first time using peeling in gel. Because it's a sample size in sachet which can be used for about 3-5 times for me :p (please don't agitate for my economical use :p), I just can describe the product and the result right after using the gel. So, I can't tell the long term result. However, using sample size is the best way to test out the product whether it's suitable for you or not.

Skinfood Fresh Apple Mild Pore Peeling Gel

It fully is gel with gritty texture that comes from the beads to exfoliate your dead skin cells. The scent, for me, is like aloe vera scent, not apple. It has soothing effect, indeed. You will have smooth skin right after exfoliating but the power of beads not that strong. Seems that it delicately shows its power to rub all the dirt on face. Haha nothing can change my favorite peeling Mundisari from Mustika Ratu, though I have to make a dough by mixing the peeling powder and rose water.

Exfoliating gel

Anyway, I really love Girls' Generation ;)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Review: Elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

Hey dollies, I'm coming with brand ELF, Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in coffee. I bet it's familiar eyeliner to you, girls, because its price is super inexpensive ~ vary from IDR 35K depends on the shops.

The shape's like pen, but even similar to marker, right? I bought this eyeliner about a year ago an it's been my favorite one for going on travel since it's very simple and efficient to use. The bad thing is the word 'waterproof' is just a title, not the truth. Moreover, the color is quite subtle so I have to draw lines on my lids repeatedly to make proper line. Fyuhh...

1. Once drew a line. 2. Repeatedly. 3. After rubbed it with water

See? The line is too easy to be removed! It's fair between price and quality >.< Huhu...

Bubye gorgeous dolls.. :*

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Splashy "Loony" Me

Fashion is a thing that has close relation to the girls and normally it flows by its trend. However, following the trend might be expensive and fashion essentially doesn't make you broke if you're aware and quite smart of dressing. You don't always follow the trend because your own style is unique and stylish if you're confident with what you wear.

Dollies, I've been in love wearing and playing around with tights. It's very comfy, not like thick jeans that I hate to put on. Tights have various colors and it's best match with mini dress, mini skirt, and over-all. I see, some people might not be familiar with tights and they might see me as a weirdo. Yeahh, it's the true story of mine. Hahaha. They looked at me as if I were an alien, then in campus people always said I'm a cherribelle. Haha :D

Never mind with people might say about me, I'm truly comfortable and confident with what I'm wearing so I don't feel the need to bother. It's me, it's my style, and it's who I am; people have their versatile style and we extremely need to show respect toward them. Once more, the key is you're confident with the way you dress :)

PS: The pictures were taken by phone camera so the quality is poor :(

Shoes The Little Things She Needs Metrox
Shoes Wondershoe

Heels UP
Bag Mayonette
Wedges UP

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Beauty Resolutions

I know we're not heading a new year, it's almost a mid of 2012 and I'm gonna make my beauty resolutions happen from now on since I've just composed it a few hours ago. Hehe... However, it's quite important to map your target in beauty. My skin problems are it's very oily with super large pores and blemishes that are caused by acne and chicken pox >.< Then I truly need beauty resolutions to catch the targets reducing my skin problems, at least not to make it worse.

  1. Peel my dead skin and blackhead every two days, and mask my face everyday. Sounds extreme but since I've been using traditional mask and peeling (brand of Mustika Ratu), I don't need any worry to peel my skin.
  2. Apply skincare regime line. I still use Etude House Mini Size U in gift set size every night before sleeping. I don't know whether it works well or not, I believe it cares your skin so bad.
  3. Wash my brushes once a month. I swear, I got super red acne when I used my blush brush that hadn't been washed for over the months. You can imagine how much bacteria lived and contaminated your beautiful skin >.< 
  4. Simple daily make up or no make up at all. I normally love getting my face with moisturizer and baby powder, no BB cream or foundation.

Those are my beauty resolutions, just that simple but hard to do at times because of our bum. I'd love to know yours so tell me, dollies. Thank you for reading... Muah ♥

Saturday, May 19, 2012

May Shows You The Haul

Hi gorgeous dolls, I'm gonna show you my May haul yayy! :) Not that much but it's a lil bit pricey >_<'! Aaannndddd it might be controversial ~ for my friends around ~ that I'm gonna change my whole appearance in the right time. Are you curious? So read it till the end ;p

First, I bought a set of Wakilala Bright Up Essence and Clear Wash for IDR 200K on Gerai Parfum. Comparing with another online shop, it offers much cheaper a set of Wakilala, so I love it! ♥ Moreover, it gave me free sample of Skinfood Fresh Apple Mild Pore Peeling Gel. Soooo happy! :D

Wakilala Clear Wash and Bright Up Essence

I love the cartoon girl ;)

For those who haven't known about Wakilala yet, let me in acquaint it to you dolls. Wakilala is Japan body skincare brand which concern to armpit problems. Yeahh, such a shame that a girl has dark armpit so she (oh okay she's me) can't wear sleeveless clothes >_< However, I might thanks Wakilala for helping me brighten up my dark armpit (hopefully it works well like Wakilala promises and the reviews swarming on internet hehe)

Then I got a beautiful flowery shawl gray stone in this May from Myzeekha that is aimed for hijab style. Please support me, I truly wanna wear hijab as daily outfit and I will start it all over by assembling many more shawls and jilbab also moslem clothes. Here is a brief look of mine wearing hijab ;p At first my bf said I was not suitable for hijab look but in the end he likes it hehe. Just compare it when I have my crown (hair I mean). Which one do you like the most? :p


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