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The Similarities Between Two Politician's Wives That Reflected by Julia in a Novel of The Same Sweet Girls and Angela in a Short Story of The Legacy

Errr... hehe... please bear with me because I'm gonna post something serious (so, I've been not serious in blog posting? hehe). I mean I'm trying to post my paper using Comparative Literature, which can be used as theory and approach, but hence I use it as a theory of my research. Okay, to be honest, I'm quite confident to post my paper (analysis chapter) as my lecturer said that both paper and presentation are very good. Yayy I'm honored! :) I can say that doing presentation is very tiring when you have to speak in loud voice and you don't use any proper notes to help and guide you; then brain and logic become your main guidance.

I hope it will be helpful for anyone outside ;)

The Same Sweet Girls
You can read The Legacy from here

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The Same Sweet Girls was written by Cassandra King, a southern of States woman, in 2005 while The Legacy was written by Virginia Woolf, an English woman, in 1943. Both might differ from each other since they were written in different year; however they have the similar story of politician’s wives. There are some points that should be underlined, the years even centuries reveals the position and responsibility of wives, in this case the politician’s ones. Nothing changes from the year of 1943 which The Legacy was written on to the year of The Same Sweet Girls. It must be reflected from the real social culture at that time, no boundaries of time and across nations. So, they are the points of similarities of character Julia and Angela as politician’s wives.

First, the wives are going onto the husbands’ path even though they have no basic skill of speech or political experiences. They will be in the front line beside their husbands, help by supporting the profession their husbands have been taking, and have burden as politician’s wives like well-mannered, being intellectuals, and being exposure. They know the consequences that must be surmounted.

“The breakfast with the reporter from Huntsville is over, and I have an hour before meeting with my assistant and the gardener, planning next week’s floral arrangements. Then another hour before the luncheon with Democratic Women for a New Alabama, I won’t need preparation time for that; after two years the standard speech is branded on my brain.”(The Same Sweet Girls page 25)

“Watching the old girl struggle for political correctness threatens to be my undoing, and I have to hide my smirks.” (The Same Sweet Girls page 25)

“The SSGs have always been curious about my role as a politician’s wife, the public life I live. That it’s a path I’ve gone down willingly has convinced them I must love Joe Ed more than anything.” (The Same Sweet Girls page 109)

“For Angela had her share of the duties that fall to the lot of a prominent politician's wife. She had been the greatest help to him in his career. He had often seen her and Sissy sitting at that table-Sissy at the typewriter, taking down letters from her dictation.” (The Legacy)

                       Second, there must be something that blocks them to be perfect couple or family. One of the factors is husbands’ profession that sticks around politic thingy and busy with elections, campaign, congress, and so on. The husbands might stress out; in result they do not have time to spare with wives and family, especially their ‘night moment’. The politician’s desire in career sometimes prevents his wife to have children in order to gain more achievements. In fact, Angela do want to have a son after seeing her rival with the children, she is obviously envious. Like a domino, these would affect the other side of relationship in which wives would think that the ignorance of their husband is provoked by cheating on them. As Julia used to think that Joe Ed might love someone else and end it up in bed since they have been not in touch for years. Then those all bring them up to ‘plain’ marriage when, in this case, the wives do not feel happy, something that cannot be describe, to have ideal marriage with love, affection, and children…

“Then, as the years passed-he took another volume from the writing table-he had become more and more absorbed in his work. And she, of course, was more often alone. . .. It had been a great grief to her, apparently, that they had had no children. "How I wish," one entry read, "that Gilbert had a son!"” (The Legacy)

“Politics was a gamble, he reflected; but the game wasn't over yet. Not at fifty.” (The Legacy)

“"What a coward I am! I let the chance slip again. But it seemed selfish to bother him with my own affairs, when he has so much to think about. And we so seldom have an evening alone."” (The Legacy)

“While it’s true that Joe Ed and I have an amiable relationship that works well for us, what no one but the two of us known is this: We are not lovers, and we haven’t been for years.” (The Same Sweet Girls page 138)

“I wasn’t able to keep that promise, going cold every time Joe Ed touched me. I didn’t understand it, since I knew now that I loved him, but I couldn’t talk about it to anyone, especially Joe Ed. Eventually, both of us began to accept the lack of passion in our lovemaking, which occurred more and more infrequently. Once I discovered I was pregnant with Bethany, Joe Ed didn’t touch me at all, after she was born, our sex life became nonexistent. As the years went by, I never discussed it with Joe Ed; neither did I ask him if he slept with other woman. He was so full of life, so beautiful, so sexy, that I assumed he did, but I didn’t want to know.” (The Same Sweet Girls page 145)

Third, the wives would react of second point above; they’d try to escape from the feelings of loneliness and plain. At first they didn’t know how to surmount this situation, or even just accepted the life they live in. Nevertheless, after third person comes, like Angela, she turns her way and finds out the happiness completely filling in her heart. On the other hand, Julia finds out that all the problems are in her, though she doesn’t know what she has been certain feeling. Luckily, she realizes that what she needs the most is her husband, Joe Ed, with his full of love, no more doubt of telling him (and even SSGs) that she loves him, she falls in love with her own husband. Whether the reactions of the women come to the bad or good ones, it ends the story up by revealing the truth.

“But I stop him, shaking off his hand. “Listen to me, Joe Ed. It’s not you. It’s me. It’s me, and you know it. I lied to you, I lied to my friends…. I can’t go on like this.” I can’t be me anymore, I want to tell him. But it sounds so stupid, I can’t say it. How can I make him understand something I don’t understand myself?” (The Same Sweet Girls page 350)

“Why am I so miserable, when I have everything and more, things so many people are denied? Why can’t I just be grateful, and happy? What’s wrong with me?” (The Same Sweet Girls page 351)
“Ah, am I finally facing the truth about myself? Now I have to wonder if I turned to Cal because something about his exotic looks struck a memory buried somewhere deep within me and made me think of Jesus Perez. Jesus was the first and only one to touch the part of me that has long since died, and evidently I was using Cal in an attempt to resurrect it. I close my eyes as that realization sinks in. The only other time I’ve felt it, besides the times with Jesus Perez, and more recently, with Cal Hawkins, has been in my dream life with Joe Ed. It’s the only time and place, when Joe Ed sleeps and I press myself against him, falling into a dream where we’re lovers, where I’m able once again to feel the desire I discovered in the arms of Jesus Perez.” (The Same Sweet Girls page 352) 
“"B. M. came unexpectedly after dinner. Luckily, I was alone."… And B. M. and Angela had spent the evening alone!... It became more and more inexplicable to him-the whole situation; his wife receiving an unknown man alone…. "Dined alone with B. M. . .. He became very agitated. He said it was time we understood each other. . .. I tried to make him listen. But he would not. He threatened that if I did not . . ."… "He has done what he threatened."… "Have I the courage to do it too?" That was the end.” (The Legacy)
“He could see her in front of him. She was standing on the kerb in Piccadilly. Her eyes stared; her fists were clenched. Here came the car. . ..” (The Legacy)

“He had received his legacy. She had told him the truth. She had stepped off the kerb to rejoin her lover. She had stepped off the kerb to escape fromhim.” (The Legacy)

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I think everyone and everything have weakness, do you agree? So do my paper. Its weakness is there's no purpose of this analysis, but I just mentioned instead. My lecturer said it's okay if we didn't conclude the whole analysis, however it's somehow better if we could bind the "red line threads." So, yes, in my next analysis I'll be concluding what my purposes of analysis are for because, in case, a lot of people read your paper, you need give 'em value.
Once more, please bear with me :) If you seem wanna ask, please leave your comments. I do need any feedback to evaluate my research. Thank you guys... :)


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