Thursday, December 15, 2011

Review Geo Lens Angel

Hi hi hi :) Yayyy finally I review circle lens! Hehe... Okay then, Geo Angel is my very first circle lens I've ever had, and actually at that time I dared to wear circle lens. The story of geo angel comes up... ~~

pig lens case

When I purchased geo lens, it come with extra cute pink pig lens case, yep it's free :) I love my pinky pig lens case sooo muucchhhhh, I love piiinnnkkk :D Okay, back to the lens hehe...

Circle lens is claimed to enlarge your eyes, so do mine ~ geo angel brown lens. It makes your eyes totally big like a doll. The brown shade itself is, to me, dark, ohh probably not that dark. But it's darker when you wear it.

About the comfort, I'm afraid to reveal this (someone who fan of geo lens might kill me in virtual). Haha... just kidding, sugar... So far, I feel uncomfortable wearing geo lens brown. Why? It dries so much so that my eyes used to tearing. Please, to be honest, I do want to change my lens with the plain ones. Before I wear circle lens, I used to wear plain lens that do not have color back then.

I personally think that circle lens don't suit my face, especially my eyes. It looks weird, you know? So, I give up for circle lens then geo lens angel will be my first and last circle lens. Bubye... Huhu... Here, the picture of mine wearing angel brown ;)


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