Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mayonette Bag: Scarlet Sling Brown

Aha, yes, finally I posted something useful (haha forget it :D) A few days ago I bought a bag, really cute one, online, since I prefer to shop online and don't need to be exhausted because hanging around the mall or stores :p I don't know how to generally named the bag, whether it's postman or messenger bag. How silly I am... Perhaps you know better than me. I bought it at Mayonette Webstore but it's also available on facebook if you want direct order via sms.

So, what d'ya think? It's postman or messenger, or even none? Haha don't feel bothered for naming. However, I really adore this bag, it's simple yet cute with creme polkadot on the middle of whole brown. The slings, both long and short ones, have adjustable straps. Since it comes with two slings, the long sling is unloose so you can carry the bag with the short one using around your wrist.

The material of the bag is faux leather (dove) that is very soft and can't be soaked. Then the creme polkadot is made by soft cotton (I don't know the exact material, perhaps it's canvas, regarding I don't have acknowledgment of material). It deems such a velvet material inside the bag, I bet it has soft material. That's why I call it as a good quality bag. There're also pockets inside like phone pocket.
Okay, I end it up my post by giving five stars out for this bag. Syalala ~~


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